The Hills: Season Five – Part Two

The Hills is one of those scripted reality shows that have become so popular with teens and young adults. Those who watch the show are obsessed and have made the actors on the show huge stars.

This season the two most annoying people on television, Heidi and Spencer, are now married and moving to the suburbs. I can't wait! This season contains the usual amount of fights, cattiness, drama, and relationships, so for fans – buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Episode 13: It's On Bitch: Spencer and Heidi start looking for a house.

Episode 14: Mess With Me, I Mess With You: Kristin and Stacie become a team to be reckoned with.

Episode 15: Strike One: Justin does not come to Brody's party.

Episode 16: Old Habits Die Hard: Heidi believes that there is something amiss with Holly.

Episode 17: Sorry Boo; Strike Two: Brody's relationship is in trouble and Holly receives an intervention.

Episode 18: I'm Done With You: Kristin and Audrina finally meet.

Episode 19: On to the Next!: Justin and Audrina break up.

Episode 20: Can't Always Get What You Want: Heidi wants to get pregnant while Spencer isn't ready.

Episode 21: Mr. Right Now: Kristin and Justin meet in Vegas.

Episode 22: Boys of the Summer: Brody is not taking it well when Jayde says she wants to move in.

Special Features: The Bitch is Back, Deleted Scenes, After Show Remixes

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