The Hills: The Complete Third Season

Lauren Conrad and her fellow pseudo reality series slash soap opera actors have become huge stars due to this trashy but strangely addictive television series. You can't help but tune in to see what dastardly or sleazy things the gang is up to. This, the third season, is full of gossip and drama but it has been amped up a notch. Everything and everyone is bigger and badder.

Lauren Conrad has moved on to college in Los Angeles and has an intern position at Teen Vogue. She tries to juggle friends, job and relationships.

Episode 1: You Know What You Did: Lauren and Heidi still can't seem to forgive one another.

Episode 2: Big Girls Don't Cry: Spencer proposes to Heidi.

Episode 4: Truth and Time Tells All: Audrina invites Laurent to dinner to get to know Justin.

Episode 5: Meet the Parents: Lauren comes to the conclusion that she and Heidi will never be friends again.

Episode 6: Rolling With the Enemy: Audrina gets back together with Justin.

Episode 7: Second Chances: Lauren wonders if she will ever meet the right guy and then out of nowhere Jason calls her.

Episode 8: They Meet Again: Heidi tries to fit in at her new job.

Episode 9: For Better or Worse: The upcoming Teen Vogue event dumps a lot of work on Lauren and Whitney.

Episode 10: What Happens in Vegas…: Brody celebrates his birthday in Las Vegas.

Episode 11: What Goes Around…: Jen wants to be friends with Lauren again.

Episode 12: No More Mr. Nice Guy: Lauren goes out on a date leaving Brody to wonder what is going on between them.

Episode 13: Stress and the City: Franky tries to patch up Spencer and Brody's friendship.

Episode 14: Young Hollywood: Whitney is in charge of the Young Hollywood party.

Episode 15: Forgive and Forget: Lauren and Heidi have another fight and Heidi tries to patch things up afterwards but Lauren refuses.
Episode 16: With This Ring…: Heidi and Spencer fight about their wedding ceremony.

Episode 17: A Night At the Opera: Lauren and Audrina run into Justin with another girl.

Episode 18: Once a Player…: Lauren and Audrina both go out on dates.

Episode 19: When One Door Closes: Heidi and Spencer continue to fight about their wedding.

Episode 20: Paris Changes Everything: Lauren and Whitney travel to Paris to work an event for Teen Vogue.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Interviews, Virtual Hills Promo, Eight Fashion Life Promos

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