The Laurel and Hardy Collection: Volume 2

Those who are big fans of the comedic duo will be pleased as punch with this release as it will help to round out their collection. Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off and gives you three films that Laurel and Hardy did during the 1940s. The films made during this period were originally not thought of as strong as those made earlier, but people are beginning to slowly change their minds in that regard. As usual with Laurel and Hardy there are several moments in each of the films which will make you laugh out loud.

A Haunting We Will Go
Director: Alfred Werker

Somehow Laurel and Hardy become part of Dante the Magician's (Dante) Arabian Nights stage show. Backing it up, Stan and Ollie are hired to bring a body (which turns out to not really be a dead person, but a hood who is trying to escape from the authorities) to Dayton, Ohio. The coffin ends up somehow getting switched with that of Dante the Magician's prop one. The two now have to try to get the coffin back and to do so they put on assistant costumes, become part of the show in the hopes of getting access to their coffin. The thugs who are waiting for the 'body' arrive at the theatre putting pressure on the duo. A murder mystery show breaks out instead of a magic act with an ending that will come as a shock to everyone involved.

Special Features:
-Tree in A Test Tubes featurettes
-Fox Movietone news footage
-Original theatrical trailer

The Dancing Masters
Director: Mal St. Clair

The duo takes over the running of the Arthur Horry School of Dancing. Ollie is tricked by two ex-hoods into insuring Stan's legs. Shortly after they discover that a friend is in dire need of some money so Ollie tries to figure out a way to break Stan's leg. This seems like a simple undertaking but somehow it is always Ollie that ends up getting hurt.

Special Features:
-A Ship's Reporter
-Grand Hotel: The 1932 Laurel and Hardy Tour
-Trailers for The Big Noise, Great Guns and Jitterbug

The Bullfighters
Director: Mal St. Clair

Heading off to Mexico City in order to capture a petty thief, Detectives Laurel and Hardy somehow end up losing the girl and being put in the ring to fight a bull. Larceny Nell's (Carol Andrews – The Best Years of Our Lives) trail leads Laurel and Hardy on a trip to Mexico City where Stan, who is an exact duplicate of a leading matador Don Sebastian, becomes quite popular. An agent (Richard Lane – The Shaggy D.A., Arabian Nights) tries to cash in on it by convincing Stan to pose as the matador until he arrives in town. Things start to go downhill when Sebastian still has not arrived in Mexico on the day of the bullfight. Stan must take his place in the ring. The only problem with that is the bull.

Special Features:
-Laurel and Hardy: The Fox Years
-Theatrical trailer
-Trailers for The Big Noise, Great Guns and Jitterbug

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