The Life and Times of Tim: The Complete First Season

Steve Dildarian thought it up, wrote, directed, produced, and voiced this series. Airing on HBO, the series is about 20-something Tim, a New Yorker, who works at a big corporation and lives with his girlfriend, Amy. Tim just wants a promotion and to live a typical existence. But it seems like normal or typical is just not in the cards for Tim.

Episode 1: Angry Unpaid Hooker/Rodney's Bachelor Party: Amy and her parents come home early from a cruise to find Tim sitting on the couch with a hooker named Debbie. When a co-workers bachelor party bites he makes up a story about it to make it seem cooler but that story spells trouble for Tim.

Episode 2: Latino Tim/The Priest is Drunk: His boss asks Tim to pose as a Latino vice-president of the company and Debbie agrees to help him out. Tim gets into trouble at Amy's sister's wedding.

Episode 3: Senior Prom/Tim Fights an Old Man: The boss at Omnicore agrees to give Tim a promotion if he takes his daughter to the prom. Tim thinks he is doing a good thing by offering his bus seat to an old man but it doesn't turn out that way.

Episode 4: Mad Dog Tim/Monday Night Confession: Tim gets a new nickname at work because of something the boss's dog did. The priest once again gets Tim in trouble with Amy's family.

Episode 5: Tim, Stu and Marie/Miss February: Tim regrets going out with Stu on his first date with Marie, that lady from human resources. It is Valentine's Day and Tim makes the mistake of buying Amy's gift at a store recommended by Debbie.

Episode 6: Bashko's Hairy Daughter/Tim's Not Singing: Tim brings his superintendent's daughter to work to show her career options. Debbie tries to help Tim out after he screws up with his co-workers.

Episode 7: Hottest Babes on the Planet/Suck it Philly: Agreeing to partake in an office prank gets Tim in hot water. Tim tries to impress Amy's father with tickets to a Giants/Eagles game.

Episode 8: Insurmountable High Score/Tim vs. the Baby: A pep talk from Tim seems to foul things up for the mail guy at work. Amy thinks Tim is anti-baby.

Episode 9: Mugger/Cin City: Tim is mugged while riding the subway. Tim goes to Cincinnati on a business trip with an older colleague.

Episode 10: Theo Strikes Back/Amy Gets Wasted: Tim offends a guy at work who turns around and spreads rumour about Tim and the boss's wife. Amy allows Tim a "free pass" after she gets drunk and commits an indiscretion of her own.

Special Features: Awkward Moments

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