The Lord of the Rings: Original Animated Classic – Blu-ray Edition

Released way back in 1978, this animated version of J.R. Tolkien's fantasy novel has been largely forgotten due to the excellent (and more recent) Peter Jackson directed version. And that is a shame because Ralph Bakshi's (Fritz the Cat) pretty decent. Especially now that it has been released in blu-ray.

Covering the first half of the Tolkien trilogy, Frodo inherits the ring of power from Bilbo Baggins. He is then joined by eight companions on his quest to destroy the evil Ring of Sauron.

Young fans of fantasy will watch this tale of Middle-Earth filled with wonder and rapture. The animation is at times lush and colourful, the soundtrack is impeccable and the voices are professionally done. The first half of the film is stronger than the second. It becomes a little too dark and confusing at the end. There are some problems with it as in the abrupt ending and the sometimes headache inducing decision to film the animation in Rotoscope (meaning filming the actors and then drawing over them), but they do not render the film unwatchable.

Special Features:
-Forging Through the Darkness: The Ralph Bakshi Vision for The Lord of the Rings
-Digital Copy

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