The Love Boat: Season Two – Volume Two

The Love Boat – everyone knows that theme song. C'mon sing it along with me! This DVD gives you the last 15 episodes of the second season. It is filled with adventure on the high seas, sun, romance, mystery, laughter, and a whole slew of guest stars, including Bob Denver, Raymond Burr, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Reggie Jackson, Minnie Pearl, Leslie Nielson, Sonny Bono, Cyd Charisse, Charo, and Ethel Merman. You'll want to be on the boat with each and every last crazy one of them.

Episode 13: El Kid: A man and woman board the ship with an orphaned boy.

Episode 14: Double Wedding: Twin sisters decide that they are going to swap fiancés without letting the men know.

Episode 15: Second Time Around: Doc's (played by Bernie Kopell) ex-wife hires an actor to play her fiancé but he takes the job a little too seriously.

Episode 16: Gopher's Opportunity: Gopher (played by Fred Grandy) quits his job to become the manager of a new hotel.

Episode 17: Like Father, Like Son: A father becomes a little too close to his son's girlfriend.

Episode 18: Disco Baby, Part 1: Julie's (played by Lauren Tewes) 10-year high school reunion takes place aboard the Pacific Princess.

Episode 19: Disco Baby, Part 2: The high school reunion continues bringing along some problems for everyone.

Episode 20: Dream Ship: A woman unknowingly makes a date with her best friend's fiancé.

Episode 21: A Good and Faithful Servant: A servant takes his job too seriously.

Episode 22: The Decision: A dog tries to protect his mistress from the advances of a male suitor.

Episode 23: Funny Valentine: Two honeymooning retirees are followed by their overprotective children.

Episode 24: Ages of Man: Julie finds herself in the middle of an unusual love triangle.

Episode 25: Sounds of Silence: Isaac (played by Ted Lange) is convinced that a couple is planning to murder Captain Stubing (played by Gavin MacLeod).

Episode 26: Super Mom: Formerly a stow-away, popular singer April Lopez returns to the ship.

Episode 27: Third Wheel: Gopher gives his parents a trip on the cruise ship for Mother's Day.

Special Features: Episode Promos

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