The Marine: Unrated

After being discharged from the Marines during the Iraqi conflict, John Triton (John Cena – first film) comes home to his beautiful wife, Kate (Kelly Carlson – from television's Nip/Tuck). He is lost in the civilian world. Taking a job as a security officer seems a logical choice, but does not last long as he gets into a physical confrontation and is fired. The young couple decides to go on a road trip and as they stop for gas it is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kate is kidnapped by a band of jewel thieves led by the nefarious Rome (Robert Patrick – Bridge to Terabithia, We Are Marshall). Triton's military training kicks in and he goes after the jewel thieves who have his wife.

John Cena is a champion WWE wrestler and the film was produced by this organization which should shed some light on the reality factor of the film. There is plenty of fighting, car chases and explosions in the film, but if you are looking for an action film with a brain then you will have to keep looking. It is a film full of brawn but low on brains. Director John Benito (first film) tries to cover the lack of story with bullets and bombs, but most of us have the ability to look beyond this and recognize the emptiness. The film also suffers due to John Cena's wooden acting. It is on one hand surprising due to the fact that WWE wrestling is basically acting and he is wildly popular. On the other hand this guy is basically an athlete and not a trained actor. I guess, The Rock is an oddity…a wrestling guy who can act….well, he's at least capable of emotions and portraying them accurately onscreen. My advice to John Cena would be not to quit his day job…but then again Jean Claude Van Damme has made a living despite his inability to act, so who knows!

Special Features:
-Declassified: The Making of The Marine
-World premiere at Camp Pendleton
-John Cena Features
-WWE promotional featurettes

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