The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Fifth Season

Mary Tyler Moore was one of the first women to have her own television show and she was a role model for many young women. During the 70s she became the iconic vision of the single working woman.

Episode 1: Will Mary Richards Go to Jail?: Mary (played by Mary Tyler Moore) refuses to reveal her source for a story and has to spend an evening in jail.

Episode 2: Not Just Another Pretty Face: Mary believes that she is being superficial when she dates a man she has nothing in common with.

Episode 3: You Sometimes Hurt the One You Hate: Lou (played by Ed Asner) finally loses his temper with Ted (played by Ted Knight) and throws him through the door.

Episode 4: Lou and That Woman: Lou starts dating a cocktail waitress but has trouble with her past.

Episode 5: The Outsider: The station brings in an image consultant that manages to insult everyone working on the Six O'Clock News.

Episode 6: I Love a Piano: Murray (played by Gavin MacLeod) meets a woman at a party at Mary's and considers having an affair.

Episode 7: A New Sue Ann: Gloria (played by Linda Kelsey), a fan, convinces Sue Ann (played by Betty White) to hire her for the show.

Episode 8: Menage-A-Phyllis: Phyllis (played by Cloris Leachman) begins dating a man but he likes Mary more and ends up dating her.

Episode 9: Not a Christmas Story: The entire news room is at odds with each other and they are fighting constantly.

Episode 10: What are Friends For?: Mary and Sue Ann attend a conference in Chicago together and Mary discovers that Sue Ann leads a lonely life.

Episode 11: A Boy's Best Friend: Ted is upset when he finds out his mother has no intention of marrying her boyfriend but will live with him.

Episode 12: A Son for Murray: Murray and his wife argue over whether or not to have another child.

Episode 13: Neighbours: Lou wants a smaller place so he moves into Rhoda's old apartment making him a neighbour of Mary's.

Episode 14: A Girl Like Mary: Lou is on the lookout for a newsgirl who is like Mary so Mary decides to audition herself.

Episode 15: An Affair to Forget: Mary is the producer and Ted thinks he can put the moves on her.

Episode 16: Mary Richards: Producer: Mary feels unworthy of the producer title and asks Lou to produce the 6 O'Clock News alone.

Episode 17: The System: Ted comes up with a system for betting on football games and Lou gets carried away.

Episode 18: Phyllis Whips Inflation: Phyllis and Lars have a fight and he cancels her credit cars so with no money and no skills she tries to find a job.

Episode 19: The Shame of the Cities: Lou wants to research his own story and starts investigating a city councillor only to discover he is totally honest.

Episode 20: Marriage Minneapolis Style: Ted asks Georgette (played by Georgia Engel) to marry him.

Episode 21: You Try to be a Nice Guy: Mary takes a female criminal under her wings.

Episode 22: You Can't Lose 'em All: Lou wins an award he used to claim was for old, washed up newsmen.

Episode 23: Ted Baxter's Famous Broadcasters' School: A con man fools Ted into setting up a broadcasters school.

Episode 24: Anyone Who Hates Kids and Dogs: Mary really likes her new boyfriend but cannot stand his son.

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