The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Sixth Season

Episode 1: Edie Gets Married: Lou tries to pretend that he doesn't care that his ex-wife Edie is getting married.

Episode 2: Mary Moves Out: Feeling she wants a change in her life Mary decides to move out of her apartment.

Episode 3: Mary's Father: After working on research for a documentary with a priest who decides he is leaving the priesthood Mary is worried that he has fallen in love with her.

Episode 4: Murray in Love: Murray finally admits to himself that he has always been in love with Mary and wants to tell her.

Episode 5: Ted's Moment of Glory: Ted gets a job as a game show host in New York while Mary and Lou mull over whether they want him to leave or not.

Episode 6: Mary's Aunt: Mary's journalist aunt comes to town and her and Lou butt heads.

Episode 7: Chuckles Bites the Dust: Chuckles the Clown gets trampled to death by an elephant.

Episode 8: Mary's Delinquent: Mary joins Big Sister and tries to straighten out a female shoplifter.

Episode 9: Ted's Wedding: Georgette finally says "yes" and she and Ted decide to get married right away.

Episode 10: Lou Douses an Old Flame: Lou reunites with a woman who sent him a "Dear John" letter in the war.

Episode 11: Mary Richards Falls in Love: Mary feels that she has finally fallen in love but her boyfriend hasn't said those three words yet.

Episode 12: Ted's Tax Refund: Ted is ecstatic when he gets a tax refund.

Episode 13: The Happy Homemaker Takes Lou Home: Sue Ann (played by Betty White) gets Mary to ask Lou (played by Ed Asner) out on her behalf.

Episode 14: One Boyfriend Too Many: An old boyfriend returns to town and Mary (played by Mary Tyler Moore) has to choose between him and her present boyfriend.

Episode 15: What Do You Want to Do When You Produce?: Murray is at first ecstatic to be able to produce the Happy Homemaker and then quickly changes his mind.

Episode 16: Not With My Wife, I Don't: Ted (played by Ted Knight) and Georgette are having marital problems.

Episode 17: The Seminar: Lou and Mary travel to a press junket in Washington D.C.

Episode 18: Once I Had a Secret Love: Lou has slept with Sue Ann and tells Mary.

Episode 19: Menage-a-Lou: Lou almost ruins a party at Mary's when one of his exes arrives with a date.

Episode 20: Murray Takes a Stand: Murray disagrees with the new studio manager's policies and so he tells him off.

Episode 21: Mary's Aunt Returns: Mary's aunt and Lou are up against each other for ideas for a documentary.

Episode 22: A Reliable Source: Lou threatens to make it a story when Mary knows some information about an old friend who is running for re-election.

Episode 23: Sue Ann Falls in Love: Sue Ann is in love but her boyfriend is not the man he seems.

Episode 24: Ted and the Kid: Ted and Georgette decide to adopt.

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