The Mighty Boosh: Season 1

A series from the BBC that travels through space and time to the world of the Mighty Boosh. As you might have figured out this is a comedy show featuring crazy adventures.

Episode 1: Killeroo: Bob Fossil sets up an illegal kangeroo boxing match between Howard and Killeroo.

Episode 2: Mutants: Animals are disappearing one by one from the zoo and then one of the zookeepers goes missing.

Episode 3: Bollo: The oldest gorilla at the zoo, Bollo, is very ill and so Bob Fossil convinces Howard to dress up in a gorilla suit so they can keep getting the sponsorship money.

Episode 4: Tundra: Howard and Vince try to find the Egg of Mantumbi in order to compete with adventurer Dixon Bainbridge.

Episode 5: Jungle: Dixon Bainbridge, the owner of Zoo-niverse, is trying to sell the zoo to the highest bidder.

Episode 6: Charlie: In order to impress Mrs. Gideon, Howard tries to jumpstart his career as a writer.

Episode 7: Electro: Vince believes that Human League invented music.

Episode 8: Hitcher: Ivan the bear gets angry and escapes from the zoo.

Special Features: Inside the Zooniverse, History of the Boosh, Boosh Music, Outtakes, Picture Gallery

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