The Naked Brothers Band: Season 2

This is another show with very young stars (the tween section of the population seems to be taking over television). The show is set up like a documentary, but in reality it is a mockumentary that follows real life brothers Nat and Alex Wolff as they get their careers in the music world started. We get to be flies on the wall during their shows, interviews and rehearsals. At the same time they are young guys who have to deal with growing pains, friends, family, and girls.

Episode 1: Sidekicks: At their middle school costume party Alex, Nat and the rest of the band dress up as superheroes.

Episode 2: Great Trip: Nat takes some days off to go to a water park so Alex is left in charge of Lucky and Jesse.

Episode 3: Three is Enough: Nat is bamboozled into a double date with Cooper and Miss Scoggins so he asks Rosalina to be his date.

Episode 4: Talk Show: Nat and Alex fill in as celebrity hosts on a talk show and have to interview Madden.

Episode 5: Bar Mitzvah: Alex decides to switch lives with a skateboarder to see what his life is like.

Episode 6: Uncle Miles: Uncle Miles comes in for a visit to see Nat and Alex.

Episode 7: Concert Special #2: Nat and Alex perform with the band.

Episode 8: Everybody Cried at Least Once: The last minute stresses of preparing to leave on tour are getting to the band.

Episode 9: Cleveland: Nat needs bodyguards while on tour.

Episode 10: The County Fair: Before they play a show the band takes part in some of the fair activities.

Episode 11: County Fair Concert Special: Special concert performance at the county fair.

Episode 12: Polar Bears: After watching "An Inconvenient Truth" Alex becomes a fanatic about global warming.

Special Features: Music Videos, Long Burp Contest, Behind the Scenes

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