The Neptune Factor: An Undersea Odyssey

You might not believe me but without the cheese factor this film would have been lost at sea. You read correctly this is one of those films that are so bad that they are somehow entertaining. The idea behind the film is a decent one and the cast tries to do what it can with the material they are given, but it still turns out all wrong. Some of the special effects are downright hilarious. You can tell that some of the so-called giant fish shots used by director Daniel Petrie (Cocoon: The Return, A Raisin in the Sun) are just models and that the submarine is in a tank. In some shots the giant fish are just actual eels or the like shot really close up in order to magnify them and that is used. The sound effects used for the fish will also cause you to chuckle. The lack of realism lends to the so-bad-its-good factor. If you enjoy really bad science fiction then you should be able to get some good belly laughs out of this one. Oh, and by the way, this was embarrassingly enough a Canadian-made film.

Somewhere deep in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean a group of scientists study the environment from the safety of an underwater ocean lab. They are studying the possibility of man living on the ocean floor. The team is led by Hamilton (Michael J. Reynolds – United 93, Fly Away Home). Their studies are interrupted by a series of strong underwater earthquakes. The earthquakes cause the lab to slip into an underwater trench endangering all their lives. Quickly a rescue team is put together to try and find the ocean lab and extract any survivors. The only hope of reaching the survivors is to use a new U.S. Navy mini-submarine, which is to be piloted by the very self-confident Commander Blake (Ben Gazzara – Dogville, The Big Lebowski).

Special Features:
-TV featurette
-Trailers and TV spots

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