The Office: Season Five

One of the most talked about television programs on today is "The Office". When you watch it you can understand why. Each episode is hilarious and features characters that are easy to love. All for different reasons. The idea of a documentary film crew capturing the work environment of an obnoxious boss, some paper pushers, co-workers involved in love affairs, and just plain bad behaviour is a brilliant one. You'll get hooked quickly and then watch each episode over time and time again.

Episode 1: Weight Loss: Pam (played by Jenna Fischer) begins her time at the Pratt Art School.

Episode 2: Business Ethics: Holly (played by Amy Ryan) leads a seminar on ethics.

Episode 3: Baby Shower: Jim (played by John Krasinski) and Pam have trouble communicating while she is away at art school.

Episode 4: Crime Aid: Dwight (played by Rainn Wilson) gets Phyllis (played by Phyllis Smith) to help him get Angela (played by Angela Kinsey) back.

Episode 5: Employee Transfer: Dwight upsets Andrew by applying to Cornell.

Episode 6: Customer Survey: Angela and Andy (played by Ed Helms) make a weird location choice for their wedding ceremony.

Episode 7: Business Trip: Michael (played by Steve Carell) is sent on a business trip to Canada.

Episode 8: Frame Toby: Someone makes a big mess of the microwave and won't clean it.

Episode 9: The Surplus: After it is discovered that they have $4,300 in surplus everyone fights over how to spend it.

Episode 10: Moroccan Christmas: Phyllis, who is in charge of the Party Planning Committee, decides to throw a Moroccan themed holiday party.

Episode 11: The Duel: Michael tells all about the affair between Angela and Dwight.

Episode 12: Prince Family Paper: Michael and Dwight spy on a competing paper company.

Episode 13: Stress Relief: Stanley (played by Leslie David Baker) has a heart attack due to Dwight's unannounced fire drill.

Episode 14: Lecture Circuit, Part 1: Andy finds himself attracted to one of Stanley's account contacts.

Episode 15: Lecture Circuit, Part 2: Dwight and Jim try to make up for forgetting Kelly's (played by Mindy Kaling) birthday.

Episode 16: Blood Drive: Michael is interested in a woman he sees at the office blood drive.

Episode 17: Golden Ticket: Andy, Jim and Pam give Kevin (played by Brian Baumgartner) dating advice.

Episode 18: New Boss: Jim's prank on Dwight backfires.

Episode 19: Two Weeks: Michael becomes more and more careless the closer the new boss looks at his work.

Episode 20: Dream Team: Michael tries to recruit a "dream team" to work for his new paper company.

Episode 21: The Michael Scott Paper Company: Michael hosts a luncheon to promote his new company.

Episode 22: Heavy Competition: Dwight does not know who to be more loyal to – Michael or Charles (played by Idris Elba).

Episode 23: Broke: The Michael Scott Paper Company's low prices do not allow for a profit.

Episode 24: Casual Friday: The Dunder Mifflin staff begin to take advantage of casual Friday.

Episode 25: Café Disco: Pam and Jim plan a secret trip to elope.

Episode 26: Company Picnic: The different branches compete in a volleyball tournament.

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