The Partridge Family: The Fourth and Final Season

During the 1970s The Partridge Family sold millions of records and had tons of people watching their weekly show. They were as big as you could get. The show ran for four seasons until it was cancelled in 1974.

Episode 1: Hate Thy Neighbor: The next door neighbours cause problems for the Partridge family as they insist that their practicing is too noisy.

Episode 2: None But the Lonely: Laurie (played by Susan Dey) has warned the new girl at school about Keith (played by David Cassidy) and she won't date him.

Episode 3: Beethoven, Brahms and Partridge: Keith is surprised when the new girl he meets at junior college has never heard of The Partridge Family.

Episode 4: The Strike-Out King: To encourage Danny (played by Danny Bonaduce) to hang out with kids his own age, David and Laurie blackmail him into playing softball.

Episode 5: Reuben Kincaid Lives: Shirley (played by Shirley Jones) decides everyone has to be a little nicer to Reuben.

Episode 6: Double Trouble: Keith ends up with two dates to the beach party.

Episode 7: The Last Howard: The Partridge Family and Reuben take a one night gig on a cruise ship to Acapulco.

Episode 8: The Diplomat: Shirley gets an invitation to dinner from an ambassador who has a reputation as a ladies man.

Episode 9: Heartbreak Keith: Keith falls for a fellow student who is an older woman.

Episode 10: A Day of Honesty: Danny gets caught by the police trying to sneak into a movie without paying.

Episode 11: Al in the Family: Reuben's cousin Al comes to live with him and be his assistant.

Episode 12: Made in San Pueblo: Shirley puts an ad in the paper for a maid and is surprised when her mother applies for the job.

Episode 13: Art for Mom's Sake: Shirley joins an art class and receives plenty of encouragement from her teacher.

Episode 14: Two for the Show: Reuben discovers new singing sensations, a pair of 14-year-old twin boys, and has them live with the Partridges.

Episode 15: Danny Drops Out: Danny announces that he wants to drop out of school.

Episode 16: Queen for a Minute: Laurie decides to run for homecoming queen but only to make a point about the sexist treatment of women.

Episode 17: Danny Converts: Danny tries to impress a girl by telling her family that his is Jewish as well.

Episode 18: Miss Partridge, Teacher: Laurie is appointed student-teacher in Danny's class.

Episode 19: Keith and Lauriebelle: Laurie agrees to pretend to be Keith's date to make the girls jealous.

Episode 20: Morning Becomes Electric: The Partridges try to set an example by becoming more energy efficient.

Episode 21: Pin it on Danny: Shirley is very happy when Danny gives her a brooch for her birthday.

Episode 22: …_ _ _ …(S.O.S.): Shirley's high school boyfriend comes to town and Danny and Keith don't trust him.

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