The Princess Bride: 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

The film is heroic, of another time, full of adventure and imagination and the mildest form of satire you are ever going to see. It does all its send ups with such a good heart and a wink that it could not offend anyone. Instead it will make you laugh and care. Despite the fact that many of the characters in Rob Reiner's (When Harry Met Sally, Stand By Me) film are completely over-the-top you will find a warm place in your heart for them. He does a great job taking the imaginative narrative and making it work on screen.

A grandfather (Peter Falk – from television's Columbo) narrates a fantastical story to his grandson (Fred Savage) about a fearless hero (Cary Elwes – Ella Enchanted, Georgia Rule) and a beautiful princess (Robin Wright Penn – Forrest Gump, Breaking and Entering). Despite his sick grandson's initial hesitation over listening to the story he soon becomes enamored with it and all its characters.

Buttercup has been kidnapped the night before she is to by married to Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon – Child's Play, Dog Day Afternoon). She does not love the Prince, but was in love with a farm hand (Westley) who she thinks is dead.

Her kidnappers whisk her away, but the whole time they are followed by a mysterious man in black. Vizzini the Sicilian (Wallace Shawn – Southland Tales, The Incredibles) orders his henchman Montoya (Mandy Patinkin – Dick Tracy, Yentl) to kill Buttercup. The Man in Black saves her and decides to pursue her kidnappers.

Buttercup realizes that the Man in Black is her long lost love Westley. Prince Humperdinck – who has actually arranged the kidnapping – decides to declare war on the neighbouring Guilder. Buttercup and Westley have to flee.

The film became a cult hit in the 1980s and has continued to find fans over the years. You get everything with this film that has romance, adventure and laughs. It works as a fairy tale and a satire. It has something for all ages making it an enjoyable family film. It is a film that you will find yourself quoting the lines from time and time again.

Special Features:
-True Love and High Adventure: The Official Princess Bride Game
-The Princess Bride The Untold Tales
-The Art of Fencing
-Fairytales and Folklore

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