The Rat Patrol: The Complete Second Season

This was the final year this television series aired. The Rat Patrol is like a mini four-man army that was comprised of an elite team of soldiers that went on dangerous special missions in North Africa during World War II. They were up against some of Rommel's best men. The four men use their training, Jeeps and machine guns to try and defeat Rommel's Afrika Korps. Worth mentioning is the fact that this was the first war series on ABC that was televised in colour.

Disc One:
Episode 1: The Truce at Aburah Raid: In the hopes of rescuing a young Arab girl who has fallen down a well, The Rat Patrol strikes up a truce with the German forces.

Episode 2: The David and Goliath Raid: Private Tully Pettigrew (Justin Tarr – appeared in an episode of Midnight Caller) is injured so The Rat Patrol tries to get medical supplies to him.

Episode 3: The Trial By Fire Raid: While attempting to destroy a German ammunition hold Sergeant Sam Troy (Christopher George – appeared in episodes of Bewitched and Mission: Impossible) is captured.

Episode 4: The Darers Go First Raid: The Rat Patrol decides to use a seized German tank in order to blow up an ammunition hold within a German fort.

Episode 5: The Love Thine Enemy Raid: Troy is faced with the difficult decision of whether to bring a German nurse to a field hospital or continue on with the mission.

Episode 6: The Darkest Raid: Taking the place of a captured German, Sergeant Jack Moffitt (Gary Raymond – The Greatest Story Ever Told, Jason and the Argonauts) hopes to claim a cache of diamonds.

Episode 7: The Death Do Us Part Raid: An Arab boy who has important information for the Allied Forces is captured and The Rat Patrol must retrieve him.

Episode 8: The Do-Re-Mi Raid: USO entertainer Mickey Roberts (Jack Jones – Airplane II: The Sequel) is captured and The Rat Patrol must help him escape.

Disc Two:
Episode 9: The Kingdom Come Raid: Private Mark Hitchcock (Lawrence P. Casey – appeared in episodes of Gunsmoke and The Mod Squad) is hurt and left behind during a mission to deliver top-secret anti-aircraft shells.

Episode 10: The Hide and Go Seek Raid: The son of an Allied general is kidnapped and it is The Rat Patrol to the rescue.

Episode 11: The Violent Truce Raid: Moffitt is brought up on a court martial and Hans Dietrich (Eric Braeden – from television's The Young and the Restless) is the only one who can help him.

Episode 12: The Life For a Life Raid: Dietrich's men have got The Rat Patrol, a French Resistance fighter and a pregnant Arab woman trapped in a mosque.

Episode 13: The Fifth Wheel Raid: The British believe an Allied officer has defected to the Nazis, but his aide denies this claim.

Episode 14: The Two If By Sea Raid: By faking Moffitt's death The Rat Patrol hope to give fake information to the Germans.

Episode 15: The Street Urchin Raid: Troy manages to hide valuable photos of a German installation, but a street urchin steals them.

Episode 16: The Pipeline to Disaster Raid: The Rat Patrol manages to rescue a British general from behind enemy lines.

Disc Three:
Episode 17: The Boomerang Raid: Troy is suspicious of a contact when he hesitates to attack German soldiers.

Episode 18: The Fatal Reunion Raid: An former girlfriend of Moffitt's teams up with The Rat Patrol in order to try and rescue her husband.

Episode 19: The Decoy Raid: A Vichy official betrays Moffitt and he ends up captured by the Germans.

Episode 20: The Touch and Go Raid: Dietrich manages to capture The Rat Patrol.

Episode 21: The Field of Death Raid: Troy's brother, who is in the hands of the Germans, is used as bait to try and capture The Rat Patrol.

Episode 22: The Double Jeopardy Raid: A team of young guerrilla fighters means trouble for The Rat Patrol.

Episode 23: The Hickory Dickory Dock Raid: Just before going on a mission, Moffitt hears that his brother has been killed.

Episode 24: The Tug of War Raid: Dietrich and his men capture A French Resistance fighter and Troy.

Episode 25: The Never Say Die Raid: Troy and Hitchcock are captured by a German colonel who wants to give them over to brutal torturers.

Episode 26: The Kill at Koorlea Raid: For a mission to kill an evil German general, a top British sniper teams up with The Rat Patrol.

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