The Riches: Season 1

Wayne Malloy (played by Eddie Izzard) realizes that he cannot buy the American Dream so he is going to steal it. The Malloy family are travelers (of Irish ancestry and don't really have a home just travel around the U.S. in RVs making their living pulling cons) who always seem to be able to keep one step ahead of the police. While traveling down a highway they accidentally collide with a car. Realizing that the couple in the car are dead and they are not in any position to call the police, Wayne decides to walk away. But before he does this he takes a peek at who they are and that changes everything for him and his family.

Episode 1: Pilot: The Malloys, a family of travelers, assume the identities of a wealthy family – the Riches – who are moving into the exclusive Eden Falls area.

Episode 2: Believe the Lie: Wayne needs some money to maintain the Riches' lifestyle so he goes on some of the job interviews Doug had set up.

Episode 3: Operation Education: Dahlia (played by Minnie Driver) schemes in order to get her kids into an exclusive private school.

Episode 4: Been There, Done That: Doug's ex-wife who is looking for her late alimony payments is causing plenty of trouble.

Episode 5: The Big Floss: Dahlia is bored at home so attempts to undertake Cherien's job as a dental hygienist.

Episode 6: Reckless Gardening: Wayne is distracted by Dahlia's presence at the office.

Episode 7: Virgin Territory: The Malloy family returns to their camp for Earl's funeral.

Episode 8: X Marks the Spot: Wayne attempts to cover up the fact that he stole the money from Hugh's (played by Gregg Henry) safe.

Episode 9: Cinderella: Wayne is promoted to partner at Panco.

Episode 10: This is Your Brain on Drugs: Wanting to teach Dahlia a lesson, Wayne snorts some crystal meth but instead ends up going on a drug-fueled rant.

Episode 11: Anything Hugh Can Do, I Can Do Better: Hugh is off on a meth bender and it is up to Wayne to take over the operations at Panco.

Episode 12: It's a Wonderful Lie: The Malloys are worried that they time as the Riches is up when one of Doug's best friends arrives for a visit.

Episode 13: Waiting for Dogot: Wayne has hatched a crazy plan in order to try and save his family.

Special Features: Fox Movie Channel Presents "Casting Session", Fox Movie Channel Presents "World Premiere", Gag Reel, Webisodes

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