The Sandlot: Heading Home

Sometimes filmmakers are guilty of whipping a dead horse. Director William Dear (Angels in the Outfield, Harry and the Hendersons) and the others behind the third Sandlot film are a little guilty of that. Yes, the first one was moderately successful and yes, the kids in it are cute, but did we really need another one? Especially one which brings nothing new to the series and does not have very many original ideas. The second one was awful why the third was made beats me.

Baseball superstar Tommy Santorelli (Luke Perry – from television's 90210) has such an attitude that despite his incredible skills no one likes to play with him. He also, despite personal success, has not been on a winning team. After being struck in the head with a ball, Tommy travels back in time to 1976 and is 12 years old again. These are the days when he used to play on the sandlot with his young friends. He still is the arrogant Tommy from today, but has to make the adjustment of living in the 70s again as a nobody.

The sandlot is in jeopardy as a underhanded land developer, Earl Needman (Paul Jarrett – The Last Mimzy, The Grudge 2), has ideas to turn it into a condo development, which would leave the boys nowhere to play baseball. Being as arrogant as Tommy, Needman makes a deal that if Tommy and his friends can win the league championship then they can keep the sandlot. As the team gets better and starts to win, Needman offers Tommy a chance to play for his team and be scouted. Will Tommy forsake his friends for his own best interests or will he finally become a team player?

I know I am a despicable person for criticizing a film that has the message of the importance of teamwork and friendship, but…on the merits of the film…it is a weak one. I am sure, however, that if you have little baseball players at home they will thoroughly enjoy the film. Just make sure you have something else to do when they watch it.

Special Features:
-Keanu and Ludwig's Double Play
-Director's Video Diary
-Backyard Sports Demo
-Ripken Baseball Demo
-For The Love of the Game sharing memories with "Goose" Gossage
-Deleted scenes: Tommy Talks to Mom
-Storyboard gallery

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