The Sarah Silverman Program: Season Two – Volume 1

Sarah Silverman is a round peg that is not trying to fit herself into a square peg. She is a female in an arena which is largely male dominated and even within the comedy world she is very different. Silverman's style of comedy is odd to say the least. But it is an enjoyable brand of odd.

Episode 1: Bored of the Rings: Sarah joins up with a community group just because they serve delicious lemon bars only to later discover they are a radical anti-abortion group.

Episode 2: Joan of Arf: The authorities take Doug (her dog) away from Sarah after she is seen doing something that cannot be believed.

Episode 3: Face Wars: Sarah makes a bet that it is easier to be black in America than it is to be Jewish.

Episode 4: Doody: The Silverman sisters become contestants on their favourite television show in the hopes of winning money to replace their mother's vandalized tombstone.

Episode 5: Ah, Men: Brian and Steve begin to wonder if smoking marijuana is what made them gay.

Episode 6: Maid to Border: After Sarah's favourite doll goes missing she fires her maid, Dora, thinking that she stole it.

Special Features: Comedy Central Quickies, Previews of Comedy Central's TV Funhouse, South Park: Complete Eleventh Season – Uncensored and Kenny vs. Spenny: Volume 1 – Uncensored, Zoom Comic-Con, Digital Shorts, "Cookies Come Alive!", Behind the Scenes

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