The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Season Two

I don't remember my teenage years being quite so full of angst and drama but I guess that is why they didn't make a television series starring me. Whatever you feel about the drama you will find yourself getting caught up in the daily lives of these young people on the cusp of adulthood trying to make their way through high school.

Episode 1: The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager: Amy (played by Shailene Woodley) tries to adjust to being a mother.

Episode 2: Baked Nevada: Adrian's (played by Francia Raisa) father tries to figure out where her fake ID came from.

Episode 3: The Father and the Son: Rickey's (played by Darren Kagasoff) father comes to town and bad blood between father and son soon ensues.

Episode 4: That's Enough of That: Jack (played by Greg Finley II) does his community service and comes to some realizations.

Episode 5: Chocolate Cake: Amy and Rickey discuss putting the baby up for adoption.

Episode 6: Unforgiven: Amy and Ben (played by Kenny Bauman) encounter some relationship problems that lead to Ben needing some time away from her.

Episode 7: Making Up is Hard to Do: Adrian meets a guy who likes her for her and not for sex.

Episode 8: Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free: Jack gets himself into some trouble.

Episode 9: Maybe Baby: Everyone is coming to see Amy and giving her advice – whether she wants it or not.

Episode 10: Whoomp! (There It Is): It is Amy's baby shower and things liven up as she goes into labour.

Episode 11: One Night at Band Camp: While in labour Amy remembers how she and Rickey met.

Episode 12: And Unto Us a Child is Born: Amy gives birth and it hits Rickey like a ton of bricks that he is now a father.

Special Features: Cast Secrets Revealed, Music Video of Strange Familiar, Behind the Scenes, On Set Interviews

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