The Secret of NIMH: 2-Disc Family Fun Edition

Heartwarming with a little suspense thrown in, "The Secret of Nimh" looks beautiful and speaks to us about courage, determination and love. Steeped in the Disney tradition of animated films, "The Secret of Nimh" with a touch more realism this film you will enjoy every moment of it.

A family of mice is being threatened by the plow of Farmer Fitzgibbon. The widow mouse Mrs. Fisby has to rely on the help of some of the last creatures you would think would help her, including a crow, an owl and some rats. Mrs. Brisby is a shy mouse who becomes a heroine despite herself. When she discovers the secret of Nimh it will change everyone's life.

Based on the Robert C. O'Brien's Newberry Award-winning book, this film deals with a possible problem, not your usual way-out-there animated plot. The real young ones might not get everything that goes on but they will still enjoy the fun creatures and bright animation. There might also be a few sequences that are a little too scary for them.

Special Features:
-Secrets Behind the Secret
-Fun + Games: Who's Footprint? Fuzzy Focus, Untangle Jeremy, Origami Mouse, and Memory Game

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