The Simpsons: Bart Wars

The Simpsons recently celebrated their 350th episode and has been going strong for 16 years; it is a television fixture. This is a four episode set in which each episode refers in some way to the Star Wars series of films. Though I have to admit other than the last episode "Mayored to the Mob" I did not see any episodes that had Star Wars references, so do not expect a huge homage to the films.

The first episode is called "Dog of Death" and originally aired in 1992. While lottery fever takes over Springfield and especially Homer, the family does not notice that the family dog (Santa's Little Helper) is becoming ill. Finally they do notice that he is sick and bring him to the vet. Santa's Little Helper has a twisted stomach and must have an operation or he will die. The operation will cost the Simpsons $700 and they do not have that kind of extra money. The family has to decide what to do. The next episode is entitled "Marge Be Not Proud" and originally aired in 1995. During the Christmas period television ads about a video game call Barnstorm are shown and Bart really wants the game for Christmas. Marge tells him that he cannot have one that they are too expensive and violent. Bart enters the local Try 'N Save and tries to shoplift the game. Unfortunately he gets caught in the act by the store detective. He leaves the news about Bart shoplifting on the family answering machine and also tells Bart to never come back into the store. Bart gets home first and changes the tape in the answering machine, so that Marge and Homer never hear the message. Marge then tells the family that they are going to get a Christmas family portrait at the Try 'N Save. Bart is nervous about going back and his parents finding out about the shoplifting. The third episode is called "the Secret War of Lisa Simpson" and aired originally in 1997. On a class field trip to the local police station Bart gets into trouble and Marge and Homer decide to send him to military school. Lisa, who is under stimulated at school, decides that she wants to go to military school as well. Being the first female cadet ever at the academy the other cadets do not like Lisa and give her a hard time. Lisa has to struggle with the help of Bart to get through her year at the academy. The final episode is called "Mayored to the Mob" and first aired in 1998. The Simpsons go to a Sci-Fi convention. A riot breaks out at the convention and Homer ends up saving Mark Hamill and Mayor Quimby. Homer is hired as Mayor Quimby's bodyguard. He begins to realize that Mayor Quimby is being paid off by the mob so that they can get the school milk contract. Homer realizes that the milk is coming from rats and tells Mayor Quimby to drop the mob. Fat Tony is arrested and vows revenge on Homer and the mayor.

Special features:

The special features section includes two items. The first is called Art and Animation: Mayored to the Mob – Act 1. It is a pencil sketch of the first part of the episode and even includes some scenes that did not make it into the episode. Animation buffs should enjoy this. The second item is called the Animation Showcase and is the same part of Mayored to the Mob. It is shown as picture-in-picture in which there are sub-windows that you can switch to and choose to watch the pencil sketches, the animatic or the finished product.

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