The Simpsons: Kiss and Tell

Right around Valentine's Day this DVD was released in which all 4 episodes have love or romance as their themes. Smart marketing, I say! A word of warning though – The Simpsons seasons are all being released on DVD so you could wait to purchase those. This series about the most politically incorrect American family has been on the air longer than any animated show ever, is currently the longest running sitcom and has won numerous Emmys. These four classic episodes are packed on one DVD for the first time ever and I have to say, will provide you with nearly 2 hours of laughs.

1) Natural Born Kissers: This episode from season 9 was directed by Dominic Polcino begins with Marge and Homer's wedding anniversary and they have to take the kids along with them to their 'romantic' anniversary dinner. After a few signs, Homer and Marge realize that their love life is in a rut. By accident they discover that it can be spiced up by engaging in public make out sessions. All is going smoothly until they are almost caught and have to run naked across town.

2) Large Marge: In an episode from season 14 directed by Jim Reardon Marge believes that Homer is flirting with other women so she decides to go for some liposuction. Accidentally she is given breast implants and everyone in town is affected by them. At the same time, Bart is once again in trouble and gets Krusty in trouble because he imitates a stunt he sees on Krusty the Clown's show.

3) Three Gays of the Condo: Season 14 saw this episode, directed by Mark Kirkland, entertain the viewer with Homer finding out that Marge had intended to break up with him before they got married. He is crushed. Homer moves out and ends up sharing an apartment with 2 gay roommates. Unfortunately for everyone, one of the roommates ends up attracted to Homer.

4) The Way We Weren't: In a season 15 episode directed by Jim Reardon, a flashback shows us that Homer and Marge actually met in their youth. Both are attending summer camps and end up making a date to meet. They hit it off and share a kiss. When Homer does not show up for their second date Marge thinks he has dumped her and has a hard time forgiving him.

Special Features:
-Animation showcase: The Way We Weren't – Act 2
Animatic only
(Illustrates picture-in-picture comparisons between the storyboard animation, animatics and final episodes.)

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