The Simpsons: The Complete Tenth Season

While Season 10 of The Simpsons is not as good as previous ones it still is a better quality animated series than most. It's not that the family has changed…maybe just a dulling of the edges. Lisa is the brainiest kid you'll ever meet, Bart gets into trouble faster than you can say 'handful', Maggie is pacifier obsessed, Homer is one of the laziest parents around, and Marge is the glue that holds this crazy family together.

Episode 1: Lard of the Dance: Homer is involved in another of his get rich quick schemes. He believes he can strike it rich by selling grease.

Episode 2: The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace: Homer is in the throes of a mid-life crisis so he decides to become a super inventor like Thomas Edison.

Episode 3: Bart the Mother: Bart accidentally shoots and kills a momma bird, so to make up for it he decides to take care of the eggs she left behind.

Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror IX: Three Halloween stories: in the first Snake is killed and his toupee is given to the person who most needs it, next is Bart and Lisa trapped inside of an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, and finally Jerry Springer does provides a voice…scary!

Episode 5: When You Dish upon a Star: Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger move to Springfield and hire Homer as their assistant.

Episode 6: D'oh-in in the Wind: Homer visits the commune that his mother hid away in and decides that he wants to become a hippie after seeing the lifestyle.

Episode 7: Lisa Gets an "A": Lisa cheats on a test and Homer takes care of a lobster named Pinchy.

Episode 8: Homer Simpson in "Kidney Trouble": Due to Homer, Grandpa has lost the use of both of his kidneys. Will Homer have to donate his to save his father's life?

Episode 9: Mayored to the Mob: Mayor Quimby decides to hire Homer as his bodyguard after Homer protects him from an angry mob of sci-fi fans.

Episode 10: Viva Ned Flanders: Ned Flanders decides to take a risk in life and so who does he call to help him? Homer, of course!

Episode 11: Wild Barts Can't Be Broken: After some vandalism in Springfield a new law imposes a curfew that disallows kids from leaving the house.

Episode 12: Sunday, Cruddy Sunday: A group of men from Springfield decide to go to Super Bowl XXXIII.

Episode 13: Homer to the Max: There is a new cool television detective named Homer Simpson and so Homer benefits as a result. Soon Detective Simpson becomes a lazy and stupid character and Homer decides to change his name to Max Power.

Episode 14: I'm with Cupid: The male population in Springfield is furious with Apu due to the romantic gifts and showering of affection he gives Majula on Valentine's Day.

Episode 15: Marge Simpson in "Screaming Yellow Honkers": By accident Homer buys the Lady Canyonero and Marge starts driving it only it brings out road rage in her.

Episode 16: Make Room for Lisa: Lisa reflects upon how mean she is to Homer.

Episode 17: Maximum Homerdrive: Homer engages in a steak eating contest with a trucker and loses. Only the trucker dies afterwards and Homer decides to deliver his payload.

Episode 18: Simpsons Bible Stories: Several twists on Bible stories: Homer and Marge are in the Garden of Eden, Milhouse leads the Jews to escape from an evil pharaoh, and Bart, who is David, does battle against Goliath's son.

Episode 19: Mom and Pop Art: Completely by accident Homer becomes a respected abstract artist. When his 'newer' art is dissed by art critics Homer decides to pull a stunt that will get their attention.

Episode 20: The Old Man and the "C" Student: Because of something Bart does the IOC rejects Springfield as a potential host for the Olympic Games. As a result Bart has to do some community service at the retirement home.

Episode 21: Monty Can't Buy Me Love: Mr. Burns cannot figure out why people do not like him. He is jealous of the attention showered on billionaire Arthur Fortune when he comes to Springfield.

Episode 22: They Saved Lisa's Brain: Lisa becomes a member of the Springfield Mensa society. Soon the Mensa group takes over the town which does not make many happy.

Episode 23: Thirty Minutes over Tokyo: Wanting to take a cheap vacation, the Simpsons travel to Japan.

Special Features:
– "A Line From Matt Groening" Featurette
– Multi-Angle Animation Showcase – Lard Of The Dance
– Deleted Scenes
– Animation Showcase – Homer To The Max
-"A Glimpse Inside" (A Bit From The Animators) Featurette
-A Sneak Peek From The Simpsons Movie DVD
-Original Sketches
-"The Crank Calls" Featurette

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