The Spectacular Spider-Man: Volume Three

Our favourite superhero Spider-Man is back with more animated episodes. This Spider-Man has modern feel to it and will entertaining to all ages. Parents and kids can enjoy watching this series together.

Episode 7: Catalysts: Peter Parker is ecstatic when his date Mary Jane Watson is a hit at the Midtown High Fall Formal.

Episode 8: Reaction: Dr. Octavius, who is now Dr. Octopus, has linked up with the league of super-villains and that means Spider-Man has another villain to do battle with.

Episode 9: The Uncertainty Principle: Spider-Man is forced to face the truth about who the Green Goblin is.

Special Features: Previews for Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series, Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, Gym Teacher, Open Season 2, and Storm Hawks

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