The Streets of San Francisco: Season Two – Volume 1

The successful television series was the beginning of Michael Douglas's career and the continuation of Karl Malden's steady television career making the series an important one for both men. It worked because the chemistry between the two actors made it believable. The flashy rookie and the grizzled veteran. We've seen it all before, but good acting and interesting storylines made this one stand out. Thirty-five years later it is still entertaining.

Episode 1: A Wrongful Death: The father of a bank robber who was killed insists his son was unarmed.

Episode 2: Betrayed: A girlfriend discovers that her boyfriend is a bank robber.

Episode 3: For the Love of God: Lieutenant Stone (played by Karl Malden) goes undercover as a priest in order to try and catch a serial killer who is targeting priests.

Episode 4: Before I Die: After finding out he has a terminal illness, a cop decides to kill the criminal he has been investigating for over a year.

Episode 5: Going Home: A small-time crook steals from a crime syndicate.

Episode 6: The Stamp of Death: Lieutenant Stone and Inspector Keller (played by Michael Douglas) try to nab two insurance agents who are trying to sell the counterfeit version of a stamp worth $250,000.

Episode 7: Harem: A modern day version of the Pied Piper seems to be able to lure young girls into prostitution.

Episode 8: No Badge for Benjy: A rich foreign businessman, a poor black police informant and a Japanese industrialist are all found dead.

Episode 9: The Twenty-Four Karet Plague: A gang of hijackers have stolen what they believe is gold, but it really is gold laced with deadly uranium.

Episode 10: Shield of Honor: Stone and Keller have the sticky job of trying to find out who has turned syndicate informer.

Episode 11: The Victims: Three convicts escape from prison and leave a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

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