The Three Stooges Collection: Volume Seven – 1952-1954

This set of shorts was filmed during a tough time for the Three Stooges. In 1952 Curly died of complications due to the stroke he had six years previous. Shemp now became the "official" third Stooge. The collection also features the first 3D Stooges short.

Episode 1: A Missed Fortune: Shemp wins a bunch of money in a radio contest but have to deal with golddiggers and the tax man.

Episode 2: Listen, Judge: A wealthy woman asks the Stooges to fix her doorbell and will soon learn how wrong a choice that is.

Episode 3: Corny Casanovas: The Three Stooges are each surprised when they show up at their girlfriend's door and discover that they are all dating the same girl.

Episode 4: He Cooked his Goose: Larry is a pet store owner with plenty of problems.

Episode 5: Gents in a Jam: The Stooges talk their landlady into not evicting them but continue getting into trouble when one of their neighbours accuses Shemp of making a play for his wife.

Episode 6: Three Dark Horses: Shemp, Moe and Larry are working as janitors and are somehow recruited into politics.

Episode 7: Cuckoo on a Choo Choo: Moe falls for a girl who is in love with Shemp and is waiting for him to sober up and propose.


Episode 8: Up in Daisy's Penthouse: Shemp plays himself and Father Popsie as the Stooges try to stop Father Popsie from marrying Daisy-Waisy.

Episode 9: Booty and the Beast: The Stooges help a man get into a house they think is his only to discover that they have helped a thief gain entrance to a house that has a safe he is trying to crack.

Episode 10: Loose Loot: The Stooges are on the hunt for Icabod Slipp.

Episode 11: Tricky Dicks: Larry, Moe and Shemp are working as detectives and are given 24 hours to find a murderer.

Episode 12: Spooks!: In a 3D short, the Stooges go to a haunted house in order to rescue their client's daughter.

Episode 13: Pardon My Backfire: Another 3D short, Larry, Moe and Shemp are working as mechanics and trying to make enough money to pay for their weddings.

Episode 14: Rip, Sew and Stitch: The Stooges are working as tailors who are trying to capture a fugitive and get the reward.

Episode 15: Bubble Trouble: The Stooges' Fountain of Youth formula changes Mrs. Flint into a young beauty and encourages her husband to try it as well to not as successful results.

Episode 16: Goof on the Roof: The Stooges offer to install a TV antenna for their landlord as a wedding gift.


Episode 17: Income Tax Sappy: Trying to take advantage of every loophole they can find the Stooges make lots of deductions on their tax returns.

Episode 18: Musty Muskateers: The Stooges are fiddlers in the Kingdom of Coleslawvania and they find themselves up against the Magician.

Episode 19: Pals and Gals: The Stooges are up against gunslinger Doc Barker.

Episode 20: Knutzy Knights: Working as vaudevillians, the Stooges attempt to make the Princess a happier girl.

Episode 21: Shot in the Frontier: In this parody of the film High Noon, the Stooges marry the three prettiest girls in town and that leads to a gunfight with the Cutthroat Bandits.

Episode 22: Scotched in Scotland: Working as detectives the Stooges go to the eerie Glenheather Castle where Angus, McPherson and Lorna Doone are waiting for them.

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