The Unit: Season 3

As this television series is from the minds of the creators of "The Shield" so you know it's going to be gritty. The show is based on a highly trained and secretive unit of the military working together as a Special Forces team. They operate outside the usual chain of command in the military. Each mission puts their lives in danger. Whether in the United States or across the world these men's identities are kept secret.

The season starts with the unit being disbanded while they are under investigation after returning from a successful mission in which they all, under direction of their leader, might have committed some criminal actions. Every one of them is a suspect and once the pressure is turned up on them it takes all of the skills they have learned to keep themselves and their families safe.

Episode 1: Pandemonium, Part 1: All the men of The Unit have either been arrested or are on the run.

Episode 2: Pandemonium, Part 2: The men begin to realize that the plot against must originate from the upper levels of their own government.

Episode 3: Always Kiss Them Goodbye: The Unit is back together and given an assignment.

Episode 4: Every Step You Take: In Abidjan, The Unit attempts to rescue some families taking refuge in the embassy which is under attack.

Episode 5: Inside Out: Bob (played by Scott Foley) tries to help out more at home and finds out how tough it is.

Episode 6: M.P.'s: Jonas (played by Dennis Haysbert), Mack (played by Max Martini) and Grey (played by Michael Irby) have a hard time with their latest assignment which is to escort a pop singer (played by Mikalah Gordon) to entertain the troops in Iraq.

Episode 7: Five Brothers: The wives all try to help Tiffy (played by Abby Brammell) get her illegally towed car back.

Episode 8: Play 16: Jonas stays behind in Beirut to avenge the death of one of The Unit members.

Episode 9: Binary Explosion: Tiffy makes a decision about her and Colonel Ryan (played by Robert Patrick).

Episode 10: Gone Missing: The wives uncover a secret that Molly (played by Regina Taylor) had been hiding for years.

Episode 11: Side Angle Side: Kim (played by Audrey Mare Anderson) misses Bob's promotion party when she attempts to help a suicidal army wife.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
-The Writers' Roundtable
-Trailer: Sons of Anarchy

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