The Unit: Season Four – Blu-ray Edition

This cancelled (too bad as it is a good show that will keep you interested) CBS show is about an American undercover anti-terrorist unit. Besides having to fight against terrorists who are trying to kill them these four guys have to deal with a colonel who is always undermining them. Back home their wives are maintaining the homes for them while they are gone. Their identities have to be kept a secret or it could jeopardize their missions and even their lives.

Episode 1: Sacrifice: Dangerous stuff might happen on the base, so the wives are asked to leave.

Episode 2: Sudden Flight: The men of the Unit are trying to find out who ordered the hit on the President Elect.

Episode 3: Sex Trade: A man that the Unit is investigating as they believe he is smuggling nuclear weapons also is involved in smuggling women.

Episode 4: The Conduit: Bob (played by Scott Foley) and Mack (played by Max Martini) both get into trouble while on undercover missions.

Episode 5: Dancing Lessons: The wives and Jonas (played by Dennis Haysebert) run their own covert operation.

Episode 6: Inquisition: Mack's mind is elsewhere as he tries to find out about Tiffy's (played by Abby Brammell) affair with Ryan (played by Robert Patrick).

Episode 7: Into Hell, Part 1: Betsy Blane (played by Angel M. Wainwright) is taken hostage in Iraq.

Episode 8: Into Hell, Part 2: Jonas and the team are in Syria still working on freeing Betsy.

Episode 9: Shadow Riders: Bob works with Kim (played by Audrey Marie Anderson) to locate a man who they think is working with terrorists.

Episode 10: Mislead and Misguided: The Unit has as a mission a raid on an anthrax lab.

Episode 11: Switchblade: Kim and Tiffy are headed to the beach for a vacation but a surprise awaits them.

Episode 12: Bad Beat: Jonas finds himself play a game of Texas Hold 'Em Poker that ends up putting one member of the team in danger.

Episode 13: The Spear of Destiny: Mack is badly hurt during a mission with Jonas.

Episode 14: The Last Nazi: The Unit has to capture a Nazi officer and deliver him to The Hague.

Episode 15: Hero: The Unit tries out a new team member.

Episode 16: Hill 60: The men of the Unit and their families are trapped when a deadly gas is released.

Episode 17: Flesh & Blood: The Unit is off to rescue and old friend.

Episode 18: Best Laid Plans: Jonas and Mack go undercover to try to uncover whoever was behind the assassination of the Vice President.

Episode 19: Whiplash: One member of the Unit attacks another member and they have to decide how to deal with it.

Episode 20: Chaos Theory: Mack and Tiffy have to deal with a rebellious teenager.

Episode 21: Endgame: Molly (played by Regina Taylor) is kidnapped and put up as bait.

Episode 22: Unknown Soldier: Several dirty bombs are found in the U.S. and so the Unit is deployed.

Special Features: Into Hell: A Brotherhood Divided, Shadow Riders: A Western Come Undone, "Snake Doctor: A Leader Among Us

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