The Way West: How the West was Lost and Won – 1845-1893

Another part of the PBS American Experience series has been released on a 2-disc DVD, so now you can enjoy it at your leisure in the comfort of your own home. The six-hour documentary first aired in 1995 on PBS. It is in colour and black and white with director Ric Burns (Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film) using still photos, interviews from American History experts and recreations to flesh out this era in American history. It is narrated by Russell Baker and many actors such as F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus, Finding Forrester), Graham Greene (Transamerica, The Green Mile) and Sam Elliott (Thank You For Smoking, The Big Lebowski) provide voices.

Between the years of 1845 and 1893, the American West was lost then won back to become part of the American dominion. Who lost during this takeover were the American Native populations who were decimated with hundreds of thousands of them killed during numerous wars, at the hands of the diseases brought by the settlers and incursions on their land. These once thriving populations were almost completely wiped out and their way of life was altered permanently. Much happened during these last few years of the American Frontier as it was the time of the Gold Rush and Indian Wars.

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