The Wire: The Complete Fifth Season

Sometimes I just don't understand how the networks work. This series had critical praise heaped upon it and yet it was cancelled. Je ne comprends pas! Taking place in Baltimore these 10 last gut wrenching episodes will leave you with a good taste in your mouth about the series.

Episode 1: More with Less: Sergeant Carver (played by Seth Gilliam) is welcomed by a group of unhappy officers who have not been paid for their overtime work.

Episode 2: Unconfirmed Reports: Chief of Staff Steintof (played by Neil Huff) puts the blame for the Campbell fiasco on the shoulders of the Royce administration.

Episode 3: Not for Attribution: Michael takes Dukie (played by Jermaine Crawford) and Bug (played by Keenon Brice) on a trip.

Episode 4: Transitions: The newspaper finds itself scrambling to confirm surprising city hall news.

Episode 5: React Quotes: Dukie asks Cutty (played by Chad Coleman) and Michael to teach him self-defence.

Episode 6: The Dickensian Aspect: Bunk (played by Wendell Pierce) looks over some old leads in the Rowhouse cases.

Episode 7: Took: Davis (played by Isiah Whitlock Jr.), with the help of his lawyer Billy Murphy (himself), makes his day in court one to remember.

Episode 8: Clarifications: Carcetti (played by Aiden Gillen), facing some political challenges, finds himself having to agree to some potentially dangerous deals.

Episode 9: Late Editions: Daniels (played by Lance Reddick) is at first pleased and then upset when he probes deeper with Pearlman (played by Deirdre Lovejoy).

Episode 10: 30: The officers hold an Irish wake for a fallen cop.

Special Features:
-The Wire: The Last Word
-The Wire Odyssey

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