The X-Files: Fight the Future – Blu-ray Edition

Sometimes things that work well on the small screen do not translate to the big screen. The X-Files was one of the most popular and critically acclaimed television series of the 1990s, yet every time they have attempted to make a film from it has failed miserably. Not that the films are horrible, but the fans do not come to see it. Why? That is a question for the ages.

As the black sheep of the FBI Agents Mulder (David Duchovny – from television's Californication) and Scully (Gillian Anderson – Playing By Heart, Closure) have been taken off the X-Files and placed on 'real' cases. That does not mean, however, that the dangerous conspiracies have ended…quite the opposite, actually. Even while doing typical FBI work, like locating a bomb in a Dallas building, Mulder continues to believe that the government is behind it all.

There seems to be some weird activity happening in Texas. A deadly virus, that – go figure – seems to be of alien origin, has come to Earth and threatens to destroy all of mankind. Of course, Scully and Mulder are called upon, with the help of Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil (Martin Landau – City Hall, Ed Wood), to save the planet. The two agents find themselves up against a powerful international group called the Syndicate. The search for the truth leads Scully and Mulder from caves in Texas to the cold of Antarctica.

Maybe because The X-Files was all about the well-written ongoing storylines that it could not possibly work in a one off movie format. It's almost as if they are trying to force some sort of closure on us and that does not work. They catered too much to the non-fans, which turned off many of the fans. Whatever the reason, even as a fan of the series I can understand why true fans were not flocking to the theatres to take in this film.

Special Features:
– The Making Of The X-Files Movie
– Blackwood: The Making of The X-Files: Fight the Future
– In-Movie Features
– Alternate Bee Sting Scene
– Gag Reel
– Visual Effects
– Scoring
– Theatrical trailers
– Still galleries

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