This American Life: Season Two

Ira Glass's Chicago Public Radio Show called This American Life was a big hit, so they decided to turn it into a weekly television show. Showtime took the gamble and it paid off big time. The television series version of This American Life has gone on to win awards. Each episode is about your average Joe and looks into the interesting stories about them.

Episode 1: Escape: Several people try to escape from their homes without really going that far.

Episode 2: Two Wars: Two immigrants to the United States who have left home countries during times of war try to adapt to life in their new country.

Episode 3: Going Down in History: Stories about people trying to make and remake history.

Episode 4: Underdogs: A side of boxing that most of us don't know about is exposed – a side without media, large crowds or large cash prizes.

Episode 5: Scenes From a Marriage: Chris Ware, a cartoonist, animates a true story about marriage and how all marriages can be compared to courtrooms.

Episode 6: John Smith: The story of a life told through the lives of many different John Smiths of different ages.

Special Features: This American Life Live!, Ira Glass Biography, Photo Gallery

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