Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Edition

At the very least, Tommy Boy, which was released theatrically in 1995, can be viewed in hindsight as a testament to the late Chris Farley's childlike sense of humor and knack for physical comedy. Fans of Farley's Saturday Night Live sketches will certainly enjoy Tommy Boy's blend of slapstick and sarcasm. The film falls within the road buddy movie genre and pits Farley against his fellow SNL comic, David Spade.

Farley plays Tommy, who has graduated from university after seven years, and is also the son of an auto supply tycoon (Brian Dennehy). After Tommy Sr. dies of a heart attack on the day of his wedding, Tommy and Richard Hayden (Spade), a wise-cracking snob who worked for Tommy's dad, must travel across the country to save the family business and keep it from getting turned over to his late father's scheming new wife (Bo Derek). Along the way we can enjoy Farley's and Spade's opposing personalities clash and subsequently bond. The result is a lot of hilarious ad memorable gags, especially the bit involving Farley's character walking and sometimes running into glass doors. Tommy Boy also features a very funny cameo by Dan Aykroyd, as well as former brat packer Rob Lowe.

Other than the fact that it is probably Farley's best non-SNL project, the chemistry between the two leads is the reason to see this film. The Holy Schnike Edition also features a feature-length commentary by director Peter Segal and a second disc replete with featurettes, deleted scenes, alternate takes, extended scenes, storyboards, TV spots, and a hilarious gag reel that is worth the price of the DVD on its own.

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