Touched By an Angel: Inspiration Collection – Faith

I remember this series while it was on the air; it was huge. Many people followed it faithfully – no pun intended. It was a show on television that you could be sure that would make you feel good at the end of. I mean, who doesn't want to believe that that are angels walking around on Earth who look after and help us?

The angels in the series have been sent by God to perform certain tasks. It does not push one particular religious viewpoint within Christianity, rather it allows for all to find something they can relate to.

Keep your eyes peeled for guest appearances by Muhammad Ali, Joe Spano and Sean Patrick Flanery.

Episode 1: Fighting the Good Fight: A young boy, who is living with his older brother and uncle while his mother is in jail, is being bullied by everyone around him so he learns how to box to try to be like his hero Muhammad Ali.

Episode 2: For Such a Time as This: A U.S. senator is compelled by her son to look into and then help the people of the Sudan.

Episode 3: Famous Last Words: The angels try and reunite a mother and her son on the night before he is executed.

Episode 4: The Good Earth: Monica (played by Roma Downey) and Gloria (played by Valerie Bertinelli) try to help a dying scientist with his invention that could save the environment for future generations.

Special Features: Martha Williamson Intro for Each Episode

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