Tropic Thunder: Director’s Cut – Blu-ray Edition

Putting together the crazy and unpredictable trio of Ben Stiller (Night at the Museum, Zoolander), Jack Black (Kung-Fu Panda, School of Rock) and Robert Downey Jr. (Ironman, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang) could have been a stroke of brilliance or a complete disaster. With this much craziness on one film set it could have become too much, but thank God Ben Stiller was able to rein everyone in just enough to make this work.

Three actors, action guy Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller), comedian Jeff Portnoy (Jack Black) and winner of 5 Academy Awards Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.), who are working on an epic Vietnam War film. Problems crop up because of the fact that Speedman is a failure who is trying to revive his career, Portnoy is a drug-addicted who people don't take seriously and Lazarus has…to put it mildly…mental issues.

Putting these three together causes the production to spin out of control and so studio exec Les Grossman (Tom Cruise – The Last Samurai, Risky Business) and consultant John Tayback (Nick Nolte – The Prince of Tides,) – whose experience in Vietnam the whole film is based on, tricks rookie director Damien Cockburn (Steve Coogan – ) into bringing the production to the jungle and setting up hidden cameras to capture the three unwitting actors in real action. This also goes horribly wrong and the three actors are left wondering what is real and what isn't.

The film has everything comedy, satire and war stuff to satisfy all palettes. It does not go too far with its humour so it is still of some substance. The humour comes mostly from the great chemistry between the three leads and the well-written script. You won't bust a gut, but there are plenty of laughs.

The low points of the film are that you are left wanting more Steve Coogan, regretting some of the many cameos and wanting Jack Black to be less of a clown and adding more layers to his sad character.

Special Features:
-Rain of Madness
-Before the Thunder
-The Hot LZ
-The Cast
-Blowing Shit Up
-Designing the Thunder
-Make-Up Test with Tom Cruise

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