Turner Classic Movies: Greatest Classic Films Collection – Sci-

These films would for the most part be considered B-films but B-films can still be classics within the genre, n'est pas?!

Them directed by Gordon Douglas:

Ants that have been mutated due to radiation have now become a problem for the city of Los Angeles. With them being 12 feet long and able to lift tons you could see how they could be a problem.

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms directed by Eugene Laurie:

After an A-bomb is tested in the Arctic it awakens a prehistoric dinosaur. The dinosaur then heads to New York City causing all kinds of trouble.

World Without End directed by Edward Bernds:

Entering accidentally into a time warp, some astronauts on a mission to Mars enter into a post-apocalyptic future Earth. There is a diminishing amount of survivors living underground who have to deal with mutant creatures.

Satellite in the Sky directed by Paul Dickson:

A crew along with a stowaway female reporter direct a jet rocket ship on its first space flight. They will also undertake the first outer-space detonation of a tritonium bomb. A mechanical failure, however, will put everyone at risk.

Special Features: Behind-the-Scenes Archive Footage Showing How Giant Ants Operate, Bug Movies Production Notes, Theatrical Trailers, The Rheodosaurus and the Roller Coater: Making the Beast, Harry Hausen and Bradbury: An Unfathomable Friendship, Giant Monsters Trailer Gallery

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