Turner Classic Movies Greatest Classic Films Collection: War

Battle of the Bulge directed by Ken Annakin:

One of World War II's most pivotal battles. The battle is a German counteroffensive during the last couple of months of World War II. It takes place in the Ardennes in Belgium. The Americans realize that the panzer division the Germans are planning to use is probably short on fuel. A group a dog tired GIs try to survive the brutal European winter using only their wits.

The Dawn Patrol directed by Edmund Goulding:

Some World War I British flyboys all agree that they hate their commander. Soon war changes their perspective on life and even their commander.

Gunga Din directed by George Stevens:

Three British soldiers are having as much fun as you can during a time of war. That is until one of them decides they want get married and leave the military. The remaining two trick him into going on one last mission. The three British soldiers wage battle against a murderous sect in India.

Operation Pacific directed by George Waggner:

The crew of the USS Thunderfish, a World War II submarine, go on a mission deep into Japanese territory.

Special Features: The Filming of Battle of the Bulge, History Recreated, Theatrical Trailers, Warner Night at the Movies 1938 Short Subjects Gallery: Vintage Newsreel, Musical Shorts: The Prisoner of Swing and Romance Road, What Price Porky?, Trailers of The Dawn Patrol and 1938's Four's a Crowd, On Location with Gunga Din, The Film Fan, Cast/Director Film Highlights

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