Turner Classic Movies Greatest Classic Films Collection: Westerns

Chisum directed by Andrew V. McLaglen:

Cattle king and one of the founders of the town of Lincoln, John Chisum (played by John Wayne) is not going to let anyone ruin what he has worked his whole life building up. A land developer, Larry Murphy (played by Forrest Tucker), has forced store owners, bank and land owners to sell their properties to him. Chisum is worried that he is next. He with his friend and cattle rancher Henry Tunstall (played by Patric Knowles) try to get the law in town to help them, but Murphy has bought them as well. With his back against the wall, Chisum partners up with Billy the Kid (played by Geoffrey Deuel) and Pat Garrett (played by Glenn Corbett) to fight the Lincoln County Land War.

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid directed by Sam Peckinpah:

Rich New Mexico land owners hire an aging lawman to bring down his old foe. Sherriff Pat Garrett (played by James Coburn) tracks Billy the Kid (played by Kris Kristofferson).

The Stalking Moon directed by Robert Mulligan:

A woman (played by Eva Saint Marie) and her son (played by Nolan Clay) have recently been rescued from the Apaches. A former Army scout (played by Gregory Peck), recently retired to New Mexico, feels sorry for them and asks them to come live with him. He does this even though it will mean an eventual confrontation between him and the child's Apache father.

Ride the High Country directed by Sam Peckinpah:

Steve Judd (played by Joel McCrea) is an ex-marshal who has been hired to transport gold through dangerous territory. He hires Gil Westrum (played by Randolph Scott) and his young partner Heck (played by Ron Starr) to help him. What Steve doesn't know is that Gil and Heck plan to double cross him and steal the gold themselves. As if that isn't enough they also along the way get involved with a woman who is trying to run away from her father and her fiancé and his crazy brothers.

Special Features: John Wayne and Chisum, Theatrical Trailers, Sam Peckinpah Trailer Gallery, A Justified Life: Sam Peckinpah and the High Country

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