V.I.P.: The Complete First Season

For reasons beyond my comprehension, Canada's most successful export after maple syrup, Pamela Anderson seems to do well in whatever television series she is a part of. This purposely campy series did boffo ratings throughout the universe despite the fact that it is nothing special. People watched it to see what Pam was wearing or barely wearing. Despite my better judgment, I did find myself enjoying the mind candy that is this series. The plots are as preposterous as the outfits that Anderson wears, but I still found some moments of entertainment while watching it. V.I.P. lasted four seasons before the production company went bankrupt. I am sure whoever owns the DVD rights will make a mint off of them.

Disc 1:
Episode 1: Beats Working at a Hot Dog Stand: Vallery Irons (Pamela Anderson – Barb Wire) accidentally finds herself running a Hollywood bodyguard agency.

Episode 2: What Do You Do With Vallery When You're Dead: V.I.P. protects an internet geek who believes the man he has made a tell-all expose about is trying to kill him.

Episode 3: One Wedding and Val's Funeral: Vallery, Tasha, Nikki and Quick are hired to protect a prince without realizing that he is planning to kill his father, the king.

Episode 4: Bloody Val-entine: Val has to hire a paparazzi she doesn't like, while Tasha's ex-husband has been hired to kill him.

Episode 5: Scents and Sensibility: A bio-chemistry lab hires V.I.P. to protect its chemists who have come up with a pheromone that works as a secret aphrodisiac.

Special Features:
-"Beats Working at a Hot Dog Stand" episode with trivia track

Disc 2:
Episode 6: Diamond's Are a Val's Best Friend: The firm's reputation is at risk when a large diamond is stolen that they were protecting.

Episode 7: Deconstructing Peri: An actress who could cause a scandal in Washington hires V.I.P. to protect her.

Episode 8: Val Got Game: A ruthless sports agent is after a talented basketball player so he hires Val et al.

Episode 9: Valley of the Dolls: To prevent the kidnapping of a beautiful centerfold, V.I.P. is hired.

Episode 10: Midnight in the Garden of Ronnie Beeman: V.I.P. is hired to protect a controversial talk show host.

Disc 3:
Episode 11: Good Val Hunting: After putting a $10 million dollar bounty on his own head, a wealthy businessman hires the firm to protect him.

Episode 12: Escape from Val-Catraz: In order to attend his daughter's wedding, a bank robber makes a deal to turn over the $17 million he had stashed before going to prison.

Episode 13: The Last Temptation of Val: A Hong Kong action film star arrives in LA with the goal of clearing his name in a friend's murder.

Episode 14: Val Under Siege With a Vengeance: Tasha, Nikki and Quick are being held hostage and it is up to Val to save them.

Episode 15: Val on the Run (a.k.a The Defiant One): The government hires V.I.P. to protect a movie producer who is a key witness in a video piracy case.

Disc 4:
Episode 16: Thunder Val: Someone they formerly arrested is hired by V.I.P. to protect her while she does something for the government.

Episode 17: The Quiet Brawler: Val offers a former action film star protection as he is opening up a gym in his boyhood neighbourhood.

Episode 18: K-Val: Val offers a radio talk show psychologist protection from a caller.

Episode 19: Mudslide Val: A former government agent and Val fall in love as she is trying to protect him from a drug dealer.

Episode 20: Raging Val: Something from Quick's past comes back to haunt him and V.I.P. end up doing battle with the Russian mafia.

Disc 5:
Episode 21: Three Days to Kill: Kay is mistaken for an infamous contract killer who has been hired to kill her college boyfriend.

Episode 22: Val the Hard Way: In Las Vegas, the firm is hired to pretend to be a gang of female thieves who are out to steal some platinum.

Special Features:
-Behind the scenes
-Previews of Classic TV Comedy, Classic Urban TV Series, Dawson's Creek, Newsradio, I Dream of Jeannie, TV Action Favorites, and Bewitched TV

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