Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

My first introduction to John C. Reilly was with the smash hit "Chicago" a few years back. After seeing him do such a wonderful job as the sad sack, jilted husband Amos Hart it was hard to imagine he had a talent for comedy. Well, he certainly does! With films like "Talladega Nights: The Ricky Bobby Story" and the upcoming "Step Brothers" he demonstrates a more than adequate grasp of the tricky comedic acting. With this film he needed all of that talent to pull it off.

Dewey Cox (John C. Reilly) is a musician whose career would have more ups and downs than a roller coaster. Once he makes it Cox lives the life of a rock star with more women around him than you can shake a stick at. He ends up marrying three of these women and has 22 kids with 14 step-kids. His life is full of famous friends, like Bubbles the chimp and The Beatles, and working on his own television show in the 1970s. Another excess that he falls victim to is well…every one you can think of from booze to drugs. He does it all and then proceeds to kick all his addictions. Through all this Cox sings the songs that affect a nation and finally finds a woman who he truly loves – one of his long time back up singers, Darlene (Jenna Fischer – from television's The Office).

This is another comedy from the Judd "I Can Do No Wrong" Apatow stable. What a 2007 this man had. While the film did not do huge box office, it did enough and cemented John C. Reilly's talent with left-of-center comedy. Part of the problem with the film's performance at the box office was its difficult release date. Releasing a film right around Christmas is always a challenge.

The film is basically a spoof of all other musical biopics ever made. We follow this unlikely rock star from the 1950s on. The jokes and parodies get to be a little overdone after a while. There are only so many groupies and drug jokes I can take. It is better than "Talladega Nights", but no way near as fun as "Superbad". The fact that it relies on being ridiculous to be funny is wearing after a while. At times funny and clever, but more often silly.

What is fun about the film is how many stars make cameo appearances in it. It becomes like a 'spot the star' game you can play. With Frankie Muniz (from television's Malcolm in the Middle), Jack White (from rock band The White Stripes), Tim Meadows (from Saturday Night Live), Harold Ramis (from Ghostbusters), Chris Parnell (from Saturday Night Live), David Krumholtz (from television's Numb3rs), Patrick Duffy (from television's Dallas), Morgan Fairchild (from television's Falcon Crest), Cheryl Tiegs, Cheryl Ladd (from television's Charlie's Angels), and Jewel (singer) amongst others all making appearances it's jam packed with stars.

Special Features:
-The Music of Walk Hard
-Deleted scenes
-The Real Dewey Cox

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