War Games: The Dead Code

I don't know when film studios and directors are going to understand that if I wanted to watch something that has a television feel to it I will stay home and turn on the tube. People will not pay money to watch a film at the theatre or rent a dvd that totally reeks of television production values. Despite the advent of high definition television and blu-ray quality dvds, this film still looks laughable…and that's not even getting into the weak script.

The film "War Games" was a good idea in 1983. Computers were fairly new and tensions were high due to the Cold War. Now the world is a totally different place and the idea of a rogue computer that decides to declare war on the entire world is a bit laughable.

Will Farmer (Matt Lanter – Disaster Movie, The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream) is a young man who the government has been keeping a close eye on. He got into trouble earlier because of his computer hacking skills and has been warned that his next mistake will land him in jail.

Wanting some quick cash so he can go on a school trip to get closer to his crush, Annie (Amanda Walsh – Disturbia, Stardom), Will hacks into a restricted network of online gaming. The network is known as R.I.P.L.E.Y. and features a terrorist attack simulation game. What Will does not know is that a government computer (RIPLEY) monitors this gaming sight to try and identify potential terrorists. Because he does so well in the game RIPLEY identifies him as a threat and proceeds to try and eliminate the threat. What the government does not know is that RIPLEY will go to any length to stop Will. This puts not only Will, but all his friends and family in danger.

Filmed in Montreal (unfortunately) you will have some fun identifying several locations, but this is the extent of the fun or entertainment with this film. Another unfortunate part is that Montreal native and former Muchmusic DJ Amanda Walsh is quite weak in her role of Annie. Very wooden and will make you think you are watching a bad high school production.

Life is too short to waste several hours watching a bad film.

Special Features:
-The Making of War Games: The Dead Zone
-Production stills gallery
-Trailers for The Onion Movie and In the Name of the King

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