Wild Things: Foursome

C'mon, let's all be honest now….how many of you out there even knew that this film existed before reading this review. To be honest, before it landed in my pile of DVDs to review I did not know of its existence. Now that I've watched it I wish that was still the case as it did not do anything for me except take away 90 minutes that I'll never get back.

Seriously, though the film tries to go for that neo-noir style, but fails miserably. It also tries to be hot and sexy though I'm not too sure it even succeeds there.

Believing that his father's womanizing ways drove his mother to her grave, Carson (Ashley Parker Angel – Longshot: The Movie) is a stuck up, party boy. Oddly enough his own father, hotel magnate Ted Wheetly (Cameron Daddo – Passengers, Big Momma's House 2), criticizes the life his son is leading. A little bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Tragically Ted is killed in a speed boat accident before he and his son could mend fences.

Detective John Walker (John Schneider – from television's Smallville) is assigned to the case. The more he investigates the more he finds double crosses, greed, plans, and maybe even murder.

There is nothing subtle here. Each character in the film is so overdone that they are mildly humorous. Though they are a little funny you end up not really caring what happens to them because they are so unbelievable. Also the plot at times makes no sense whatsoever. Twists and turns for no reason and not really meaning anything to the story. Holes you could drive the Exxon Valdez through…if it didn't sink first. It doesn't even inspire you to try and figure it out. The only positive thing to be said is that the women in bikinis are hot…vapid, but looking good.

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