Wrong Turn 2: Dead End – Unrated

In a film along the lines of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and the like you don't expect too much, but sometimes enough is enough. Stop the stupidity!

The deep woods of West Virginia are to be the location for the latest reality show. "The Apocalypse Ultimate Survivalist" is to pit several contestants against each other in order to survive in a rough climate. There will be several challenges that will test their physical and mental strength. Retired military commander Colonel Dale Murphy (Henry Rollins – Bad Boys II, Lost Highway) is the host of the reality show and will try to help the contestants survive in a wasteland.

Soon enough the show turns into more of a challenge than any of the contestant, the producers or Murphy could have dreamed possible. The contestants and everyone else involved in the show are attacked by inbred cannibals who are quite hungry. They all realize they are in a fight for their lives.

The original "Wrong Turn" was a mediocre film, but it did well at the box office, so they decided that we needed another one. Woe is us! It aims to be an homage to the splatter films of the 80s, but takes itself a little too seriously to pull it off. There is not enough b movie in the film to make it enjoyable.

On the positive side there are plenty of gross scenes with crazy deaths, blood and guts in them. So if you can overlook the awful story and acting then you might get some enjoyment out of the carnage.

Special Features:
-Making Gore Look Good
-Theatrical trailer

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