Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead – Blu-ray Edition

Wrong Turn – laughable. Wrong Turn 2 – Crap. What do you think my review for Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead will be? I'll give you three guesses…We are back in time with original inbred family of cannibal freaks hiding out in woods. They are waiting for people to get lost, pass through their neck of the woods and then eat them. This is classic stuff, folks.

Four college pals are camping in the woods in West Virginia when they are attacked by some kind of hillbilly freak called Three Fingers (Borislav Iliev). Alex (Janet Montgomery – The Hills Run Red) is the only one who manages to get away alive.

At the same time a group of dangerous criminals are being transported to another facility. While they are stopped at a local police station, Sheriff Carver (Bill Moody – Love Actually) is told about the missing teenagers. The guards get back in the transport van and continue along their way. Suddenly the truck is rammed by a tow truck driven by Three Fingers. The transport van goes off the road and in the mayhem the prisoners gain the upper hand on the guards. Now the dangerous Carlo Chavez (Tamer Hassan – Clash of the Titans – 2010, Kick-Ass) is in control.

Trying to escape through the woods, the prisoners and guards happen upon Alex and she tells the horrifying story of her friends being attacked by Three Fingers. At first they don't take her seriously, but when Three Fingers begins to hunt them and kill them off one by one things become a heck of a lot more serious.

Acting, scenery, story, and effects are so terrible in this film that I wonder if it has any redeeming qualities at all. I'm pretty sure that fans of the previous two films will not even find much to like about this one. The poor quality CGI effects almost make the film bearable because they provide some accidental entertainment as they will make you laugh. At points it looks like an amateur film, it is that bad.

There really is no point in watching this movie. Unless you have a couple of hours of time that you have nothing and I mean nothing better to do.

Special Features:
-Action, Gore and Chaos
-Deleted Scenes
-Brothers in Blood
-Three Finger's Fright Night

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