Xena Warrior Princess: Season One

This is a lady who definitely knows how to kick some ass and take some numbers. She could go head to head against any of her male television counterparts. Traveling through ancient Greece to right wrongs and defend the defenseless was her schtick. The show was part myth, part action and lots of campy fun.

Episode 1: Pilot: Xena (played by Lucy Lawless) tries to secure the area of Arcadia.

Episode 2: Sins of the Past: Xena returns to her home village.

Episode 3: Chariots of War: While Xena recuperates from an arrow wound, Gabrielle (played by Renee O'Connor) has to defend herself.

Episode 4: Dreamworker: Gabrielle is kidnapped by Manus (played by Nathanial Lees)

Episode 5: Cradle of Hope: Xena and Gabrielle go undercover in the hopes of protecting a child who is the rightful heir to a throne.

Episode 6: The Path Not Taken: Two young lovers are attacked by the men of an arms dealer looking to start a war.

Episode 7: The Reckoning: Xena is mistaken for a killer.

Episode 8: The Titans: Gabrielle accidentally releases three Titans from centuries of captivity.

Episode 9: Prometheus: The gods have captured Prometheus and mankind has lost his gifts to them of fire and the ability to heal themselves.

Episode 10: Death in Chains: Xena attempts to free Hade's sister, Celesta (played by Kate Hodge)

Episode 11: Hooves and Harlots: Xena and Gabrielle come face to face with the Amazons.

Episode 12: The Black Wolf: The Black Wolf gives a village that had been overtaxed by King Xerxes (played by Kevin J. Wilson) back their money.

Episode 13: Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts: Helen of Troy (played by Galyn Gorg) asks Xena for her help.

Episode 14: Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards: Gabrielle wants to go to the Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards.

Episode 15: A Fistful of Dinars: Xena finds out that some assassins are searching for some clues to find the lost treasure of the Sumerians.

Episode 16: Warrior…Princess: Assassins are after the daughter of King Lias, Diana (played by Lucy Lawless).

Episode 17: Mortal Beloved: Xena voyages to the underworld to correct some wrongs.

Episode 18: The Royal Couple of Thieves: Xena asks Autolycus (played by Bruce Campbell), the king of thieves, for his help stealing something.

Episode 19: The Prodigal: Gabrielle is upset after she freezes in the face of danger.

Episode 20: Altared States: A young boy is hunted by his father and brother.

Episode 21: Ties That Bind: Ares (played by Kevin Smith), the god of war, is plotting to get Xena to lead his army.

Episode 22: The Greater Good: After Xena is hit by a poisonous arrow and on the brink of death, Gabrielle has to pose as her to try and find out who wants Xena dead.

Episode 23: Callisto: A female warrior named Callisto (played by Hudson Leick) tries to turn everyone against Xena by committing acts of terrorism posing as her.

Episode 24: Death Mask: Xena and her brother (played by Joseph Kell) try to bring to justice the man that destroyed their home village.

Episode 25: Is There a Doctor in the House?: Caught in the middle of a brutal war, Xena uses her healing powers to help the injured and her and Gabrielle try to bring about an end to it.

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