Zorro: The Complete First Season

Beginning in 1957 this was Disney's first half hour series and you get to see it in all its black and white glory. For its time you will be amazed at how good it looks; they must have spent a fortune on it. The first season is a nice blend of action and comedy with Zorro disarming people with his humour. The series was a true family one in that the kids could understand it but it wasn't so infantile that adults would be turned off.

Episode 1: Presenting Senor Zorro: Don Diego de la Vega (played by Guy Williams) makes the transformation to Zorro

Episode 2: Zorro's Secret Passage: Diego tries to evade the question as to whether he is Zorro but now one of his friends is under suspicion.

Episode 3: Zorro Rides to the Mission: Don Torres (played by Jan Arvan) is hiding in the Mission so Monastario (played by Britt Lomond) forces the local natives into hard labour as punishment.

Episode 4: The Ghost of the Mission: Zorro tries to scare the soldiers away from the Mission by spreading a rumour.

Episode 5: Zorro's Romance: In order to help Torres escape Zorro decides to propose to his daughter (played by Eugenia Paul).

Episode 6: Zorro Saves a Friend: Monastario arrests Torres's wife and daughter in the hopes of capturing Zorro trying to rescue them.

Episode 7: Monastario Sets a Trap: Monastario sets a trap to capture a bunch of people including Zorro's father (played by George J. Lewis).

Episode 8: Zorro's Ride Into Terror: Zorro's father is injured so he hides him in a cave.

Episode 9: A Fair Trial: Don Alejandro and Don Torres are both charged with treason.

Episode 10: Garcia's Secret Mission: Monastario pretends to dishonourably discharge a soldier (played by Henry Calvin) in order that the townspeople trust him and reveal Zorro's whereabouts.

Episode 11: Double Trouble for Zorro: Monastario's latest nefarious plan is to have a prisoner who killed a man pose as Zorro and for him to rob the local landowners.

Episode 12: Zorro, Luckiest Swordsman Alive: Not giving up, Monastario now tries to discredit Zorro by robbing a church.

Episode 13: The Fall of Monastario: Monastario finally clues in that Don Diego must be Zorro.

Episode 14: Shadow of Doubt: A murder sheds some light on a larger conspiracy.

Episode 15: Garcia Stands Accused: Garcia is wrongly accused of committing a robbery.

Episode 16: Slaves of the Eagle: Someone is impersonating on of the king's tax collectors and levying huge taxes on the people so they look towards Zorro to step in.

Episode 17: Sweet Face of Danger: Alejandro believes a young woman would be a great match for Diego.

Episode 18: Zorro Fights his Father: One of The Eagle's men commits a robbery and a villager is blamed then sentenced to death.

Episode 19: Death Stacks the Death: Death Stacks the Deck: Diego knows that some cheating went on in a card game so Zorro involves himself to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 20: Agent of the Eagle: Captain Juan Ortega (played by Anthony Caruso) is not what he appears to be.

Episode 21: Zorro Springs a Trap: Is Zorro caught or is it a trap?

Episode 22: The Unmasking of Zorro: Zorro is unmasked by Ortega while he is stopping him from committing a murder.

Episode 23: The Secret of the Sierra: Gold fever takes many by storm.

Episode 24: The New Commandante: The new Commandante Captain Toledano (played by Peter Adams) is a threat to The Eagle and his men.

Episode 25: The Fox and the Coyote: Galindo (played by Vinton Hayworth) plots to steal the army's gunpowder for The Eagle.

Episode 26: Adios, Senor Magistrado: Zorro helps the captain when he is accused of murder.

Episode 27: The Eagle's Brood: After the magistrate's death The Eagle becomes bolder with his evil plans.

Episode 28: Zorro by Proxy: By accident Diego reveals himself as Zorro.

Episode 29: Quintana Makes a Choice: Diego tries to find out who stole the gunpowder from the pueblo.

Episode 30: Zorro Lights a Fuse: After her husband sends for her Raquel (played by Suzanne Lloyd) is pursued by The Eagle.

Episode 31: The Man with the Whip: Rudolfo (played by Steve Stevens) challenges one of The Eagle's men to a duel without really having any skills in the area.

Episode 32: The Cross of the Andes: Diego finds the Cross of the Andes.

Episode 33: The Deadly Bolas: Diego discovers that the Cross of the Andes was stolen from a church in South America.

Episode 34: The Well of Death: Zorro steals a shipment of stolen jewels.

Episode 35: The Tightening Noose: Diego discovers that his house guest is none other than The Eagle.

Episode 36: The Sergeant Regrets: Diego is shocked by Varga's (played by Charles Korvin) cruelty.

Episode 37: The Eagle Leaves the Nest: Diego discovers Varga's weakness – he is afraid of being alone.

Episode 38: Bernardo Faces Death: The Eagle has left for Los Angeles but a Russian comes looking for him.

Episode 39: The Eagle's Flight: Count Kolinko (played by Henry Rowland) continues his search for The Eagle.

Special Features:
-The Life and Legend of Zorro
-The Fourth Anniversary Show
-El Bandido
-Adios El Cuchillo

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