Zorro: The Complete Second Season

There seems to be a never-ending slew of bad guys for Zorro to fight during the second season of this Disney television show. There is still action in the series but in the second season there seems to be a conscious effort to be funnier. Though they have remastered the series for this DVD collection they have rightfully so left it in the original black and white.

Episode 1: Welcome to Monterey: Don Diego (played by Guy Williams) is almost robbed so he tries to figure out who is behind it.

Episode 2: Zorro Rides Alone: Gold is stolen and it is Zorro to the rescue.

Episode 3: Horse of Another Color: A senorita is being held hostage and Zorro will attempt to rescue her.

Episode 4: The Senorita Makes a Choice: Now the senorita and her father are both being held hostage.

Episode 5: Rendezvous at Sundown: Romero's (played by Carlos Romero) evil continues.

Episode 6: The New Order: Zorro attempts to free the oppressed in Monterey.
Episode 7: An Eye for an Eye: While helping two people Zorro puts his own life at risk.

Episode 8: Zorro and the Flag of Truce: The governor promises Castenada (played by Perry Lopez) that no harm will come to him but it does not work out that way.

Episode 9: Ambush: Rico (played by Frank Wilcox) continues to wreak havoc.

Episode 10: The Practical Joker: What a practical joker does lands Don Diego in jail.

Episode 11: The Flaming Arrow: An imposter is passing himself off as Zorro.

Episode 12: Zorro Fights a Duel: Ricardo (played by Richard Anderson) challenges Zorro to a duel.

Episode 13: Amnesty for Zorro: How Zorro is going to reveal his true identity is though about.

Episode 14: The Runaways: A couple who are in love find themselves having to flee.

Episode 15: The Iron Box: A shipment in an iron box is revealed to be gold so some bandits attempt to steal it.

Episode 16: The Gay Caballero: Is the gay caballero (played by Cesar Romero) a thief?

Episode 17: Tornado Is Missing; Don Esteban steals Zorro's horse, Tornado.

Episode 18: Zorro Versus Cupid: Don Esteban proposes marriage to a woman he knows Zorro cares about.

Episode 19: The Legend of Zorro: Don Esteban wants to marry Margarita (played by Patricia Medina) for her money.

Episode 20: Spark of Revenge: Zorro attempts to figure out who is behind a murder.

Episode 21: The Missing Father: A senorita (played by Annette Funicello) tries to find her father.

Episode 22: Please Believe Me: Zorro finds himself having to try and protect the senorita.

Episode 23: The Brooch: The search for the senorita's father continues.

Episode 24: Zorro and the Mountain Man: A mountain man arrives in Los Angeles and is sent on a wild goose chase.

Episode 25: The Hound of the Sierras: A dog is trained to track the mountain man and to kill him.

Episode 26: Manhunt: Don Carlos (played by Jonathan Harris) goes after the mountain man.

Episode 27: The Man from Spain: The King's emissary arrives in town.

Episode 28: Treasure for the King: A man's greed leads to him doing battle with Zorro.

Episode 29: Exposing the Tyrant: An innocent man is arrested for treason and smuggling.

Episode 30: Zorro Takes a Dare: An enemy unmasks Zorro.

Episode 31: An Affair of Honor: A man assaults Zorro's father and that leads to a duel.

Episode 32: The Sergeant Sees Red: A priceless article turns a man into a thief.

Episode 33: Invitation to Death: An attempt is made on the life of the governor of California.

Episode 34: The Captain Regrets: Captain Arrellanos (played by George N. Neise) is up to something.
Episode 35: Masquerade for Murder: A masquerade is held but one of the guests is a murderer.

Episode 36: Long Live the Governor: Arrellanos plots to kill the governor.

Episode 37: The Fortune Teller: A fortune teller turns up the card of death for Garcia (played by Henry Calvin).

Episode 38: Senor China Boy: Everyone is puzzled over what has brought a young Chinese boy to Los Angeles.

Episode 39: Finders Keepers: A senorita is robbed and a man is shot with the man accusing Bernardo (played by Gene Sheldon).

Special Features: Collectible Pin, Lithograph, Certificate of Authenticity, Zorro: The Postponed Wedding, Zorro: Auld Acquaintance, Behind the Mask, A Trip to the Archives

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