Black Dub

Daniel Lanois is one busy guy. He produced the albums of Brandon Flowers and Neil Young plus there is an autobiography coming out shortly. Somehow he had the time to fit in this side project.

Black Dub is a quartet that includes himself on guitar, singer Trixie Whitley, drummer Brian Blade, and bassist Daryl Johnson. This is their self-titled debut album and it features some of Lanois's strongest work of late. The resulting music is soulful, funky and roots laden. Because it is a project that involves the keen musical mind of Daniel Lanois it features plenty of musical layers and details. Check out the stuff in the background it you can. Great guitar sections or reggae beats looped in are just some examples of how this guy has an ear for what works in a song. His production tricks are to be found throughout the album. Lanois is not the only star as vocalist Trixie Whitley, daughter of the late Chris Whitley, sounds like she came right out of the Motown stable of female singers.

If you like what you hear here then be sure to check out the band's stuff on YouTube as it will blow your mind away even more.

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