Vegas: The Second Season – Volume One

Robert Urich played the character as a tough detective with a soupcon of guy nextdoorism that gave it a little difference from the other similar type dramas on television. Unfortunately this season two of the female characters (Angie and Sargeant Bella Archer) from Season One are gone. Keep your eyes open for guest appearances from the likes of Shelley Winters, Gary Collins, Minnesota Fats, Eve Arden, and Melanie Griffiths.

Episode 1: Redhanded: Dawn Peters (played by Melanie Griffiths) comes to Vegas and then is discovered dead at the hands of Two-Leaf's (played by Will Sampson) knife.

Episode 2: The Usurper: Dan (played by Robert Urich) cannot believe that Roth (played by Tony Curtis) has left town without telling him so he tries to figure out what he did and who he saw on his last day in Vegas.

Episode 3: Mixed Blessing: Dan and a nun work together to try to catch a crook.

Episode 4: Runaway: Dan is searching for the pregnant daughter of a man and realizes that he is being followed while he does this.

Episode 5: Design for Death: Sarah Bancroft (played by Eve Arden), a swimsuit designer, hires Dan when she believes that her models are being threatened.

Episode 6: Shadow on a Star: Before they can perform at the hotel, a singer is attacked. Wanting to keep it quiet for the sake of her career she hires Dan to get to the bottom of things.

Episode 7: Dan Tanna is Dead: A man poisons Dan with a toxin stolen from a research facility. The doctor tells Dan that he is going to die.

Episode 8: The Macho Murders: One of the most important lawyers (played by Shelley Winters) in Vegas hires Dan to prove the innocence of her client, a feminist accused of murdering men who have exploited women.

Episode 9: The Day the Gambling Stopped: The hotel tells Dan that it has taken in more chips than it has given out. Dan tells them they have to close while he tries to find out what is going on.

Episode 10: Classic Connection: Dan's friend, Wells Tate (played by Frank Arno), a mechanic, is killed before he could tell Dan what he wanted to.

Episode 11: Night of a Thousand Eyes: While a private investigator conference is going on at the hotel a friend, and fellow private eye, of Dan's is killed.

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